Want to Become a Laundromat Owner in 2019? Here’s What You’ll Need, Part Four

Laundromat Investing in AshevilleBecoming a laundromat owner in 2019 might be easier than you think. Of course, there will be a lot of hard work and effort required, but with help from T & L you'll be able to get up and running in no time. Our company offers a turnkey laundromat for those that are interested in getting their business opened to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Interested in laundromat investing in Asheville in 2019? T & L can help you. Call now.

Becoming a Laundromat Owner in 2019

In the past three blogs, we've talked about what you'll need in terms of equipment and what type of options you should feature for your customers. Today, we continue with a few final things.

Folding tables, laundry carts, and chairs for the waiting area are often last on the list when owners consider what they need for getting the doors open. However, folding tables and laundry carts are a great addition for customers. It helps them get their laundry done more quickly and efficiently. In addition, they'll be there a while so offering comfortable chairs for them to sit in while they wait for their loads to wash and dry is a great idea.

Speaking of waiting on laundry, having a great waiting area complete with a TV, Wi-Fi, and a vending machine with cold drinks and coffee will be a fantastic way to make sure your customers are comfortable and come back time and time again. Though these things are added costs that seem unnecessary, your customers will thank you for them!

We hope you've found these blogs helpful in learning more about what it takes to open your own laundromat in 2019! If you missed previous articles in this series check the out here:

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Easy 2019 Laundromat Investing in Asheville

T & L is proud to be one of the top Speed Queen dealers in North Carolina. We can offer you a direct line to great products, parts, and services for machines. We can also help you finance equipment. Partner with us to ensure your company is successful. We will work with you every step of the way during your startup process. From choosing to start a business that needs commercial laundry equipment to picking a location, analyzing demographics, and obtaining financing, getting the machines in, and having your facility up and running as quickly as possible, you can count on T & L.

Laundromat investing in Asheville is more than just buying washers and dryers. It’s more than putting them in a building and hanging an “open” sign up. There are costs, competitors, and pitfalls. Because of this, those choosing to open a new business need to work with the best.

T & L takes the time to seek what's best for our customers. That means finding a longer warranty for machines, going above and beyond in helping out with troubleshooting, repairing, and even researching problems that need a fix. We work to save consumers time, effort, and money. Our hands-on approach allows us to not only provide a turnkey laundromat but to also help install, maintain, repair, and teach you to use the equipment. If you’re ready to start a new venture opening a laundromat, contact us.

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