Take Your Laundromat to the Next Level with Speed Queen’s Quantum Controls System!

Speed Queen dealers near RaleighEvery laundromat owner wants to reduce their utility costs, increase their profits, and watch the revenue from their business roll in. Choosing the right laundry equipment can help make that dream a reality. Speed Queen has long been a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the laundry industry. Now this brand has propelled itself to the forefront of the technical side of the industry with the release of their state of the art Quantum Controls System. Who are the best Speed Queen dealers near Raleigh, NC? T & L! Call today to learn why!

Utilizing a wireless networking option, the Quantum Controls System allows you to customize, manage, and troubleshoot issues with your equipment from any internet connected device, including your smartphone. What sets this system apart is the impressive list of features that will help you raise your laundromat to the next level.

  • Multi-Level Pricing - This allows you to charge different prices for each wash cycle. If you make cold water washes the cheapest option that may encourage your customers to elect to wash in cold water more often. Lower pricing at the machine on energy efficient settings can help lower your overall energy costs.
  • Programmable Water Levels - With more than 30 different programmable water level settings, Quantum Controls gives you the ability to modify the amount of water used for each cycle, which will help reduce your utility bill.
  • Cycle Modifiers - Allow users to customize their wash cycle with prewash, additional rinses, soil selection settings, and extra agitation time. Customers will see this as an advantage over laundromats that only offer preprogrammed cycles.
  • Lucky Cycle - Inspire customer loyalty with rewards that are built into the system. After a predetermined number of wash or dry cycles, customers will receive a free wash or dry.
  • Time of Day Pricing - Set your prices higher to match peak traffic times. Offer lower priced discounted washes during times when you need to drum up more business.
  • Low Power Mode - Reduce electrical consumption by turning off the LED displays on your machines while the store is closed.
  • Auto Shutdown Assistant - Reduce overtime for staff and eliminate scheduling woes by programming this assistant to shut down machines at a designated time. With the auto shutdown, you can help ensure that all loads are completed by the time your store closes.
  • Slow Drain Detection - Recieve real-time alerts of drain obstructions and slow drains on your machines. Prevent costly repairs and water damage to your laundromat with this feature.
  • WashAlert - Help keep customers moving through your laundromat with an easy to navigate website that allows them to see remaining cycle time and check machine availability.

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