Preventing MRSA with Exceptional Laundry Practices

Huebsch Dealers NCMRSA is a bacteria that can be spread in various ways. It was first a problem in athletic settings, however, now the bacteria has spread and is in hospitals, locker rooms, fire departments and other places. For anyone who has ever dealt with this dangerous bacteria, it might seem impossible to get rid of. It can hide in dirty towels, gloves, uniforms, sheets and anywhere that piled up dirty laundry might be.

MRSA is spread through scrapes, open wounds and cuts. Excessive hand washing, avoiding contaminated laundry, and thoroughly disinfecting hard surfaces are the only way to fight this disease and ultimately get rid of it.

Below, you will learn how to properly clean any laundry that might be contaminated with MRSA. These practices will help keep the infection contained and disinfected to reduce the chances of it spreading.

  • While taking dirty laundry off, use disposable gloves so that nothing will touch your skin.
  • Put laundry into a closable plastic bag if you cannot wash and dry immediately.
  • Once you are ready to launder, take the materials out of the bag and/or put it into the washer. Carefully handle the laundry and make sure to hold dirty clothes away from your body. You do not want to transfer any of the bacteria onto your skin or your clothing. Be sure to wear disposable gloves when doing this, as well.
  • Wash clothing, towels, sheets and anything else that could have been contaminated in 140° water. It's important to launder with bleach if possible.
  • After you have materials in the wash, throw away disposable gloves and thoroughly wash your hands. Make sure you wash them for at least 20 seconds with antibacterial hand soap.
  • When it's time to dry laundry, be sure to use the hottest setting. Also make sure the laundry is completely dry before taking it out.
  • Once you're  done laundering, be sure to completely disinfect the entire laundry room and equipment. If you do not have proper disinfecting solutions, you can make one. Mix together 2 teaspoons of bleach with a quart of water.

We hope these tips help you prevent the spreading of MRSA before and after contaminated laundry has been washed. To learn more about what type of laundry equipment works best in your facility to help prevent MRSA visit back with our next blog post.

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