Preventing Laundromat Fires, continued

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Welcome back to the second part of the series on fires at laundromats. You want to keep your customers, employees, and laundry equipment in Greensboro, NC safe. So that means it’s important to learn how to prevent fires from starting at your business. In the last post, we looked at causes of fires.

One of the main culprits that can cause a fire risk is lint. Lint buildup in machines can cause all of kinds of problems, but when it reduces air flow, it can cause a fire. When you have a constant flow of loads of laundry running through your dryer, lint can build up quickly. When lint builds up, it increases drying time for loads. That increased drying time means the motor could overheat and the lint underneath could overheat. Air ducts that are blocked with lint also have a risk of catching fire.

Now let’s take a look at preventative measures you can take to decrease your risk of fires in your laundromat.

Proper maintenance
Be mindful of how your washers and dryers are working. Check their performance regularly. Don’t put off making needed repairs. If you have older equipment and are interested in purchasing replacements, give T & L Equipment a call. We can recommend the best washers and dryers for your business.

Clean the lint trap
Lint buildup is the main reason for dryer fires, so it is important to keep those traps clean. Make sure your employees know to clean them regularly. Also put up signs asking that customers do the same after they dry a load of clothes. Traps may become damaged after a lot of use, so replace bent or torn traps immediately.

Check the plugs
Machine plugs can become loose over time because of the movement when washers and dryers are used, and from customers bumping into them or hitting them with the laundry cart. When a plug becomes loose, it could cause a spark that could lead to a fire. Make it a regular habit to check that your washers and dryers are plugged in securely.

Check the vents
Air flow can be reduced when vents aren’t properly installed or have become crushed or damaged, which can cause a risk of fire. Check them regularly, and have them cleaned out regularly to ensure they are not blocked.

Install Fire Equipment
If a fire should occur, make sure you can keep your employees and customers safe. Install a fire alarm so that they will know a fire (or smoke) is in the building. Keep fire extinguishers in visible places in the facility with clear instructions on how to use them. Be sure to train your employees on how to use them. Taking measures to reduce the risk of fire can help keep your customers, employees and business safe.

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