More on Preventing Commercial Laundry Employee Injuries

laundromat repair in Greensboro, NCAs we continue to look at ways to minimize the hazards to your commercial laundry employees we turn our attention to the washing and drying of your customers' linens. Your staff is performing physical tasks that have an increased risk of injury by moving large bins and carts through your facility, and they are also lifting and loading heavy loads of soiled items into and out of the washing machines and dryers. While these movements are necessary for the cleaning process, delivering clean linens without employee injury is critical. If you need reliable laundromat repair in Greensboro, NC, T & L can help. Call now for a free estimate.

Your employees are at a higher risk for injury when loading and unloading machines because they are lifting, bending, and reaching while using excessive force to move large loads of linens from one machine to the next. The shoulder, upper body, trunk, elbow, and wrist positioning when performing these lifting and pulling motions can result in awkward motions which can lead to injury of your staff member. Employees are also exposed to chemicals and pathogens that can cause injury or illness.

There are numerous things that you can do to help ensure the safety of your staff as they load and unload these machines. Laundry hooks and rakes can help reduce the awkward bending and stretching for your team as they reach into machines to retrieve the items. Another hazard that increases the risk of injury are machines that are overloaded. When machines are overloaded the items in them are more likely to become tangled and that can increase the pressure and pulling action that is needed to extract the items from the machine. Also, consider the height and placement of your machines and bins when you set up your equipment. Limiting the amount of bending and twisting your team has to do over laundry bins will significantly reduce their chance of injury. Consider installing machines that can tilt forward to empty the loads more efficiently. Also ensure that your employees receive training on proper bending and lifting techniques.

When it comes to pathogen and chemical safety, equipping your employees with the right safety equipment like nitrile or latex gloves, safety glasses, and aprons can help reduce injury or illness. The staff that comes in direct contact with chemicals should have access the Safety Data Sheets for each chemical. Proper ventilation is essential for areas where pretreating and other harsh chemical processes take place in your commercial laundry facility.

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