The Final Installment of Preventing Commercial Laundry Employee Injuries

laundromat repair company in Greensboro, NCAs we close out our series on keeping your commercial laundry employees safe, we turn our attention from the washing and drying stage of production to the final sorting and folding phase. So far, the series has focused on the way linens move through your commercial facility in bags, carts, and bins to the hazards your employees face as they wash and dry your customers' items. By being aware of the potential dangers in your laundry, you can help reduce the likelihood of injury to your customers and staff. Searching for a laundromat repair company in Greensboro, NC that you can trust? Make the call to T & L today.

The volume, size, and weight of the linens that are processed in your laundry can make it difficult for your workers to manage without injury. As with loading and unloading bins and washing machines, the repetitive motions needed to fold and stack the linens put employees at a higher risk of injury. Prolonged standing at folding stations, awkward postures of the upper body, elbow, and wrist as well as the repetitious movements of bending, lifting, and reaching all increase the risk of injury to your staff.

Controlling these variables and making modifications to the work environment can help reduce the possibility that your employees may become injured. Rotating staff through different job positions throughout their shift can help decrease the repetition of motion. Placing anti-fatigue mats at each workstation and installing adjustable tables can help limit the strain on workers as well. Automated folding machines that are designed to handle smaller items can help reduce the workload and repetitive motions for your employees. Folding arms can help support large laundry items as they are being folded and eliminate awkward postures.

Other considerations for employee safety in the folding and sorting processes include providing employees who have direct contact with chemicals the proper safety equipment. Gloves, protective eyewear, and aprons should be issued to all employees. Moving laundry from the dryers to the folding areas should be done in bins or carts. Tilting machines and carts can limit the amount of bending and twisting that your staff needs to do in order to move the linens from one area to the next.

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