Avoid These Profit Killing Pitfalls

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Owning a successful laundromat can be quite rewarding. It’s something many business owners work towards for years. While there are many different things you can do to increase revenues for your business, there are also a few things that can kill your profits, as well. Below, we talk about a few of the key issues that can happen to any laundromat owner.

Growing Too Quickly

If you’re hoping to grow and succeed in business, don’t do it too fast. Investing in too many washers and dryers, spending loads of money on a luxurious waiting area or spending capital on extravagant options can hurt you if it’s done too soon.

Wait things out a while before jumping in head-first and going overboard. Of course, customers would love to see five different flat screens with different channels on each one. But, that doesn’t have to be a make or break situation. People will use your facility even if you only have one TV as long as the machines you have are high quality and you have a nice clean waiting area.

Make smart investments that pay off in the beginning. Then, as you see a return on those investments consider adding more luxurious, unnecessary things as you progress.

Excessive Overhead

When choosing a location, consider everything that’s going to be involved in overhead expenses. This is one profit killer that you won’t recover from. Choosing to go with a building that’s too expensive, on top of employee salaries, utility bills and other standing expenditures can cause real problems, financially. Be realistic when choosing your location and consider every aspect of overhead. If you can’t pay the bills, there won’t be any profits and you’ll soon find yourself out of business.

Inefficient Equipment

Making sure you offer quality and efficient machines is key for any successful laundromat, no matter the size. Without equipment that saves money, water and energy, you’ll never be able to get ahead, profit-wise. You could end up spending hundreds of dollars or more a month keeping up with utility bills. Be sure to invest in quality washers and dryers that will help your company succeed.

We hope these profit killing issues won't happen to you. Be mindful of your overhead costs, offer quality equipment and never spend beyond your means when it comes to offering luxurious amenities to customers and you should be just fine! Good luck!

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