Properly Planning and Designing Your New Laundromat

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Starting a new laundromat can be a lot of work. You want to make sure the location is perfect, your equipment is the best on the market and ensure that your customers have an overall great experience while using your facility. How do you make that possible? It all starts with the planning and designing stages of the business. As the top company for Speed Queen dealers NC services, we can help you with this information.

Average startup cost for a laundromat is between three hundred and five hundred thousand dollars. This includes renting a space to house your business. Those that choose to build a new location from the ground up can expect to add between 200,000 and 500,000 dollars to this startup estimate.

To get a laundromat fully up and running for business, you can expect the overall planning, design and move-in and setup process to take at least three months. Sometimes, it can take six, depending on the size of the space, water hookup and sewage factors and more.

Planning Stage

There are two important things to consider during the planning stages of your business. These have to do with choosing a location for your laundromat.

Demographics – Considering many things during this part of the planning is key. Research the area you’d like to work in. Think about the amount of apartment complexes, occupancy and income level of the residents. Also, are there any colleges or universities there? It can be a big asset to a laundromat’s business if there is one nearby.

Competition – You must also assess the competition. Where are they located? What type of equipment are they using? What amenities do they offer while guests wait?

Location – You want to make sure the location you choose has ample windows and natural lighting inside. That way, the business is visible for customers and makes them feel safe. Stay away from buildings that do not have adequate lighting and windows. You’ll also want to ensure there’s sufficient parking near the door of your business as well. Many people will bring in large loads of laundry. You don’t want them walking too far from the door to their car while struggling with their large load.

Planning and designing your new venture can be stressful and overwhelming. We know how successful you can be with the right assistance. To learn more about how to plan and design your laundromat as well as how T & L can assist you, visit back with our next blog post.

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We have engineers on staff that are familiar with the designs and needs of laundromats. In addition, we have architect that have extensive design experience, as well as offer attention to detail in the planning of the business. This, combined with our location finding assistance and evaluation of demographics for the area you’ll find that we go above and beyond to help you open your business without any issues. Even more, we strive to analyze the competition, including their equipment and location. Our goal is to make your business successful. For more information or to ask any questions, contact us.

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