Pros and Cons of a Cashless Laundromat

laundry equipment in Asheville There was a time when most laundromat customers expected to go to the local laundromat and be met with coin-operated machines. You schlepped your laundry in, and with a handful of coins you could wash and dry your laundry while catching up on the latest novel. Today however, more and more people are carrying less cash. The trend today has become to rely on our debit or credit cards to make purchases. Our cellphone has become the way we want to do business. Modern technology like Apple Pay and Android Pay are becoming the way more people are choosing to make purchases. This type of technology makes it possible for you to offer greater convenience for your customers. It is also making it easier for you to track sales, adjust pricing, offer promotions, and track customer loyalty. One huge advantage of this new technology is that improving your daily business practices and your marketing strategies has never been easier. For affordable laundry equipment in Asheville please call T & L today.

You will also have a small percentage of customers that do not embrace technology in the laundromat. Some customers still prefer  cash transactions to a more digital approach. Cash payments mean that your profit information is harder to figure out. There is no paper trail or accounting system. When it comes to setting pricing and running promotions you will not only use your time but also your employee's valuable time. Some laundromat owners have resorted to having an ATM in their laundromat. This can seem like a good way for people to gain access to cash to complete their transactions. A downside to this is that it is subject to failing and needing expensive repairs causing downtime for your business. Another consideration is that you are always subject to the transaction fees increasing.

Making the decision to make the change to cashless or debit and credit card ready machines will mean some added expenses. Many laundromat owners find that offering convenient payment options when their competition is sticking to their coin-operated machines can be beneficial. One piece of advice is to study your area thoroughly. Taking the proper time to study and consider your target demographic area is crucial. This can be the most beneficial thing you can do when it comes to choosing the type of payment system you want for your laundromat business. An area or neighborhood that is filled with college students, busy young professionals, and young families will appreciate the convenience of having a debit or credit card and cashless payment option.

Affordable Laundry Equipment in Asheville

Every business owner has one goal in mind, to be successful. Unfortunately, there are many things that get in the way of success. This can especially be true for laundromat owners. That's why it's important to consider several ways to improve your business so that you can achieve your goal. Working towards success starts with the tips you'll find here and those found in our two previous blog posts. Searching for laundry equipment dealers in Asheville NC? Let T & L show you the way. Call us today to save time and money!

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