The Pros and Cons of Accepting Mobile Payments at Your Laundromat

Laundry equipment NCFor many years the local neighborhood laundromat operated in only one way, with coins. You had to have enough coins saved up to do the amount of laundry you needed to in one trip. Most laundromats had a coin changer inside the store to convert your dollars into coins. However, times have changed. These days mobile credit card payments have become the new normal. Adding this kind of payment method can be a great idea for your business. For the best laundry equipment NC has to offer, call T & L!

Have you ever thought about the costs associated with adding credit card readers to each of your vended machines? This is a big consideration. In addition, have you considered the time it takes to attach mounts for the readers, and then the readers themselves? These questions should prompt you to take a closer look.

Believe it or not, there can be a large cost and time investment for each of the machines you have in your laundromat when it comes to adding card readers for credit and debit payments. Not to mention, you're technically damaging the machines by drilling holes into them and running wires to allow the payment system to properly work.

Utilizing a smartphone app can provide many beneficial advantages. One of the most significant ones is through mobile payments. The application will allow customers to add money to their online account. Then, they'll be able to pay via the app, without having to ever swipe a card or pull out cash to add to the machines. This can pose a potential problem for laundromats. Many of these apps are not available to every store. Some can only be used at particular retailers.

Many companies today are offering customers a smart card. Smart cards allow customers to have a virtual wallet that is housed online. Just like a bank account, you can add money and use it without any hindrance. Even more, this option eliminates money machines or changers, the possibility of theft due to having a lot of cash in-house, and more. If you're interested in learning more about this payment system contact vendors to see if you can update your machines to make these options a possibility for your store.

Mobile pay is going to only increase in popularity. It is a simple, easy, and great way for consumers to do business with as little trouble as possible. It may be worth your time to look into setting your laundromat up for this kind of payment.

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