Qualities of a Good Laundry Service

Maytag Dealers in North CarolinaYour customers expect you and your staff to be laundry experts when they come to your laundromat for drop off service. Whether it's residential customers who have a tablecloth stained with wine or candle wax or a commercial spa customer with tough makeup stains, knowing how to get those stains out speaks volumes to your clients about the quality of service they can expect. Customers base their opinion of a business on many different factors from the cleanliness of the facilities, to the knowledge of your staff, to the pricing of services.

Here are some of the ways to help your business stand out as the best laundry service around. If you're searching for alternative Maytag dealers in North Carolina, call T & L for help. You'll love our prices.

  • Great employees make all the difference in a customer service based business like a laundromat. From accepting, processing, and returning drop off orders to helping customers with vended machine issues in the laundromat, your staff are the people who have the power to make your business shine or sink in your customers' eyes. Empower them to put the customer first and provide exceptional customer service. Extra training in stain treatment and removal, managing your point of sale system, and well-defined workflow for drop off laundry customers will keep your staff looking sharp in the eyes of your clients.
  • A clean facility stands out. Your customers want to feel like they are doing their laundry in a clean environment. From the bathrooms to the trashcans to the lint traps, you and your staff should be working together to keep your facility sparkling all day long. Regular bathroom checks, trash can empties and machine checks for debris and left behind items are necessary. Keep your machines running efficiently and have them serviced often to avoid breakdowns and customer inconveniences.
  • Competitive prices and community presence help your customers feel like you are more than just another business in the community. When you get involved in the community you serve, your customers want to support your business. Offering services to local Red Cross clients, sponsoring youth sports, and showing your appreciation for the community you are in helps you stand out. Reward your regular customers for their loyalty with great incentive programs and coupon deals throughout the year. Don't forget the personal touch of sending out holiday cards or birthday cards with extra savings. Customers appreciate being remembered.
  • Keep your business fresh and exciting for your customers by offering new products or services throughout the year. Hosting events like Kid's Day, Date Night or Veteran's appreciation events make your customers feel like they need to stay up to date with what's happening at your business. Utilize your social media channels regularly to communicate with your existing customers and gain new ones.

Making your business stand out takes planning, involvement and most importantly great employees. Finding ways to give back to your community with your staff and your facility is an excellent way to establish your business as a piece of the fabric of the community you serve.

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