Safety Tips For Your Laundromat, Part Two

We are back with more safety tips for your laundromat. If you missed our previous blog check back to our last post for more.

  • Increased Staffing - While it may be more cost effective to leave your laundry unattended during times when your business is less busy, doing so can reduce the safety and security of your store. Having an attendant on duty deters crime and can help make customers who are in your store feel safer. If your store is open 24 hours, consider choosing a payment system that is based on credit or debit cards only and remove all cash from the premises overnight.
  • Large Windows - Did you know that customers, particularly women, feel safer and more secure in a building with large windows? These large windows allow for your laundromat to be flooded with natural light during the day, making the interior of your store warm and inviting. They also allow customers to easily see into the store and out into the parking lot. Visibility adds to the sense of safety and security that customers feel when they are inside or approaching the building. Be selective with the placement of signs and posters in the windows of your store. Take care not to obstruct the view too much with these items.
  • Restricted Areas - Secure areas that hold money, important documents, and sensitive information behind locked doors. Securing these areas makes staff feel safer and deters any potential criminals from gaining entrance to these areas while your team is distracted. Change machines, cash register drawers, and vended machines should be secured and alarmed for extra security.
  • Security Cameras - Employees and customers report feeling safer in places of business where security cameras are clearly visible. Adding these cameras to your business can help deter crime and will make it easier for police to catch the criminals if a crime does occur in your laundromat. It is essential to make sure that the cameras you choose are not easily disabled by moving the camera or cutting a phone line. Some models trigger an alarm when they are disturbed. Consult with a security professional to understand all of your security system options.
  • Security Signs - Increase your customers' comfort level and deter would-be criminals by posting signs at the front and back of your business that describes your security system and other security measures.

We hope these tips help you up your safety game so that you and your customers feel safe and secure in your laundromat.

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