How to Select the Right Tunnel Washing System

Continental Girbau Dealers in Greenville, SCWelcome back to the conclusion of our series on the Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System. In our previous posts, we discussed the reasons why choosing an automated system for your commercial laundry business can save you time and money on labor costs and utilities. If you're searching for Continental Girbau dealers in Greenville, SC, be sure to call T & L for big savings.

Whether your facility upgrades all your existing equipment to the GI system or chooses to add portions of the GI system to your existing equipment, you can be assured that your staff and customers will notice the difference. Girbau Industrial offers a superior clean with less water waste and more convenience. The system is also able to adapt to your existing equipment to make upgrading to a complete Girbau Industrial system easier on your budget. You can buy the components you need to replace and continue using your existing equipment since they operate independently, with other equipment, or as a complete system.

Taking a closer look at these quality components allows us to highlight the ease-of-use and efficiency that Girbau Industrial offers your commercial laundry.

  • Central Control - Monitor and manage processes and controls throughout the entire cleaning process with one panel. Linking seamlessly with all controls, the central control from Girbau Industrial gives you the ability to know what is happening where at any time.
  • Loading Systems - Automatically weighing your loads for you means less hassle and a more custom clean. Each conveyor compartment is capable of holding up to 110 pounds of laundry, and the conveyors are available in multiple configurations. Transporting and loading each load by weight into the continuous batch tunnel washers has never been easier.
  • Continuous Batch Tunnel Washers - These extremely flexible washers can be set up to be compatible with any high volume laundry need. Easier to install and more energy efficient than competitors' models, the TBS-50 Batch Washer offers a convenient top-transfer and multiple settings to give you a superior wash for any fabric.
  • Water Extraction Press - Adding speed and efficiency to the pressing and drying processes, the water extraction press removes more water and makes even the largest load easier to move by pressing it into a "cake." Extracting the water gently and quickly from all types of linen allows your batches to proceed to the lifting conveyors and into the pass-through dryers with worry-free reliability.
  • Shuttle Lifting Conveyors - Capable of servicing up to six dryers at one time, the lifting conveyors move the pressed cakes to the continuous pass-through dryers. Regardless of whether you choose a single or a double cake conveyor, you'll know that your system can handle any demand you place on it. Oversized loading tables can accommodate up to 220 pounds each.
  • Continuous Pass-Through Dryers - Untangling, conditioning and drying your batch laundry has never been simpler. No tilting needed, these dryers utilize Spirotilt Technology that makes unloading a snap. Available in thermal fluid heat, steam or gas configurations, Girbau Industrial offers unmatched productivity and efficiency with their ST model dryers.
Affordable Continental Girbau Dealers in Greenville, SC

Contact a T & L Laundry Equipment representative today and find out why the Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System is the superior choice for large capacity laundries. Using less energy and water, and requiring less labor, this system can process up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour.

Ask your representative about our convenient in-house financing options, scheduled maintenance plans and how T & L, the best Continental Girbau dealers in Greenville, SC, can help you configure your laundry set up for maximum efficiency. Schedule your appointment today!


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