How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign for Your Laundromat

laundromat equipment in WilmingtonOver our last couple of blog posts, we have been looking at social media, particularly Facebook, and the ways in which it can be really useful for your laundromat business. Social media is the biggest influencer of consumers these days and a smart and savvy business owner will want to take advantage of Facebook ads in their marketing strategy. This post will look at how to set up a Facebook ad for your laundromat to get the most traffic from consumers. For the best prices on laundromat equipment in Wilmington, call T & L!

First, you will want to set some goals for your advertising. These goals should include:

  • Increase traffic to your website from Facebook
  • Increase the reach of your content on Facebook
  • Increase attendance at your event
  • Generate new leads
  • Boost engagement for your Facebook Page

Setting up an ad is relatively simple. Facebook has a promote button to click on while you are on your business's page. Once you do this it will take you to the ad manager. The ad manager will then walk you through the process by asking you to choose some objectives for your ad. There are 15 different objectives divided into three categories- awareness, consideration, and conversation.

From here the ad manager will walk you through things such as target audience. This will also allow you to set an age range for the audience. You will also set the demographics of a target area. This will allow your ad to reach an audience that would be potential customers for your business. You will then be prompted to choose a budget. This begins at just $5.00 per day and goes up to whatever you choose.

Once you have set this part of the ad up you will then work on the advertisement design. You can use a current ad you already have, or Facebook ad manager will help you create a new one. Once the ad is ready you will hit the place order button and it will be sent to Facebook for approval. Once you receive a confirmation the ad is approved it will immediately be visible to you and the target audience.

Every business owner wants their business to be successful. However, there are a lot of different things that get in the way of success. This can especially be true for laundromat owners. That's why it's important to consider various ways to improve your business so that you can achieve your goal. Working towards success starts with the marketing tips found here when it comes to Facebook ads. You will also want to check out those found in our two previous blog posts.

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