How Signage Promotes Your Laundromat

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Signage is an important part of any business. That's how you get noticed and how you tell everyone who you are. Without indoor and outdoor signs it's doubtful you'll be recognized.

However, with signs everywhere it's hard to know where new signs will be most effective. Below, you'll find several things that will help you decide when and where to use them. If your laundromat needs a new and affordable commercial washer or commercial dryer in Charlotte, NC, call the experts at T & L. You'll love our prices and customer service.

How To Use Signs To Promote Your Business

Grand opening – If you're opening a brand-new laundromat use signage, banners and other posters to tell everyone that you're about to be open for business. Use lots of bright colors and easy to read text fonts.

Special events – Is it the anniversary of your business opening or are you having a college day or family day? If so, use signs to grab attention. You can also make posters for this event and post them at various other businesses, as well.

Indoor banners – Who says you can't advertise right within the walls of your very laundromat? If you have special deals and/or discounts on various days consider using a banner to advertise them. Then, customers who don't come repeatedly will know what to expect and when to get discounts. This can help ensure repeat customers, as well. Make sure the signs are displayed in a way that can be seen from every angle of the waiting room. Also get two-sided signs where they can be used.

New products or services – Do you have a vending machine or dryer that works better than others in your facility? Signs can help you get the word out. Also, if you choose to add dry cleaning to your list of services you can use signs to promote it and other added services, as well.

Trade shows – If you decided to join your local trade show as part of your marketing technique this year, consider using signage, banners or posters to help with your exhibit. You can easily show potential customers what you're all about by using signage.

Signage to go – Why not put signs on your cars? As you drive around town, potential customers will see your business name and phone number. This is a great way for mobile marketing. You can also have fliers and door hangers made, as well. Take time once a month to hand them out at apartment complexes, college campuses and more.

Signs are important. If you want to create some signage keep the idea of making an impact in mind. Make sure the signs are easy to read and use fonts that are clear and not complicated to see. Make sure you use a simple message and bright colors. You can even add graphics that pertain to your business. Be sure to proofread your work before printing and always use materials that will last. You never know when you'll need to use a banner or poster again in the future.

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