Signs of Bad Laundromat Equipment Installations

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While you’d like to think that your equipment was installed properly, if you’re having problems with your washers or dryers, it might not be regular maintenance work. It could, in fact, be a faulty installation.

Below, you’ll find several examples of ways improper set up can negatively affect your equipment. If you're ready to buy coin laundry equipment in Charleston, SC, make the call T & L! We'll save you time and money!

Bad Washer Installation Signs

Here, you'll find several common problems that can stem from a bad washing machine set up.

Low Water Pressure

Do you have water disadvantages that have been chalked up to low pressure? If so, it might not be the water source. It could be the diameter of the waterline. If it isn’t the correct size, using multiple washers at once can result in very low water pressure. This is a problem that should not be an issue if things were installed properly.

Inadequate Drainage

Again, if the wrong diameter is used in this situation, it can cause drainage difficulties. The drain diameter should be a certain measurement. In addition, the pitch of the drain could be causing an issue as well.

Insufficient Voltage

This can cause all kinds of problems from inaccurate error codes to power failures, computer board issues and more. If you’re having continual problems, it might be because the electrical wiring is incorrect.

Bad Dryer Installation Signs

Here you'll find common issues with dryers and how they could be directly related to the installation of the machines. 

Low Gas Pressure

Often due to the fact that multiple dryers were installed incorrectly. This can be fixed, but it is something that should have been done correctly in the beginning stages of installation.

 Faulty Voltage

Again, voltage issues stem from improper installation. With a dryer, faulty voltage is an issue that is caused by using an undersized breaker, wrong gauge wires or having several units run on one breaker.

Exhaust Issues

Duct work that is too long can cause static pressure buildup. If the exhaust is close to incoming make-up air, it might cause issues as well. In addition, another common issue is that too many restrictive elbows were used in installation. All of these problems lead to lint buildup and more.

No Make-Up Air

Without fresh make-up air you might find that insufficient flames or high temperatures become a problem. This is because gas and propane dryers require oxygen in order to keep a continued flame.

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