Softmount Washers vend for MORE

Soft mount washers are performance machines and can vend higher in your self serve laundry. Aside from having something that is different from everyone else in town, the soft mount washer will save your customers their most valuable possession, time. This is because of the exceptionally high extract speeds used by softmount washers to spin more water out of the laundry. Less water left in the laundry requires less time to dry which saves time, utilities and extends laundry life.

Softmount washers also are physically bigger and now even have larger door openings than typical hardmount washers. Some people think softmount washers look "industrial" which contributes to their perceived value over the familiar hard mount cabinet washers.

Our experience has been that laundry operators successfully charge $1 to $3 more per vend for soft mount washers over hard mount cabinet washers of the same size and in the same laundry. The Continental 90# Washer which is considerably bigger and more impressive looking vends for $4 or $5 more than the typical 80 pound capacity washer, in the same store.

Yes the soft mount washers cost more but we have operators that add one 90 pound capacity washer and then return shortly after to add another or in some cases 3 more because they rapidly become the most popular washer in town.

Do you have plans to build the best laundromat in town?

Do you have plans to improve your laundry operation this year?

Consider equipment that will really make your laundry, service and income better. Anyone can sell you a cheap setup and leave you after the sale with no support but at T&L Equipment, we seek to give you a total package for the best possible opportunity for your success.


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