Sorting Your Laundry for the Best Laundromat Results, continued

Electrolux Dealers in North CarolinaWelcome back. We are here to talk with you about sorting laundry once more. We know how difficult this task can be, even without sorting and separating items. There's just something about doing laundry that many people dislike. We can understand that. However, sorting can actually make things a lot easier! Stop wasting time with Electrolux dealers in North Carolina and call an industry leader! Call T & L today.

  • No matter what type of sorting you do, always check the labels on each piece before laundering. This will help you make sure you’re doing your best to keep your items looking fresh and new.
  • Separate out clothes that need to be pre-treated. Pre-treatment is essential for fighting tough stains.
  • Always wash towels separately. Never add them to clothing. This will help keep your towels from shedding on clothing or getting snagged on zippers or buttons. Even more, towels are heavy. If you wash them with clothing that is light in weight, you’ll be damaging them.
  • Denim should be washed together, as well. Just like towels, they are heavier and, when saturated with water, they become quite heavy. Washing denim with blouses or pants can cause damage to the fabric.

You might be thinking that sorting can take forever. However, it’s an easy thing that can be done without much thought, especially if you’re equipped with the right laundry baskets. Having three to four different baskets in your laundry room can help keep things sorted at all times. Have a basket of heavy items, light items, denim, whites, and towels. You can also have extras for light-colored clothing, as well. You might also be able to find one large basket that is separated into different compartments. This would be great, as well.

Are you ready to get started with your new way of doing laundry? Sorting can make a world of difference. Even if you currently do a little bit of separating, following the guidelines you find here and in our previous blog will ensure you're doing laundry properly without damaging items.

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