Sorting Your Laundry for the Best Laundromat Results

commercial washer in Greenville, SCLaundry can be a challenging task. Even when you only do a few loads every day or two, there’s always something that causes a problem. Whether it’s a load of whites that turned out pink, damaged fabric, or a shrunken shirt, there are ways to make sure you eliminate these issues moving forward. Sorting laundry is the best way to do this. Below, you will find several tips on how to sort your laundry load so you could have the best results possible each time you do laundry. If your laundromat needs a new commercial washer in Greenville, SC or in North Carolina, call T & L for cost and time savings.

  • The best first step in sorting laundry is making sure all of your whites are together. Never add any colors to your white load of laundry. Even clothes that are a light or pastel shade can cause issues.
  • Next, be sure to separate light-colored clothing from dark-colored clothing. Just like with whites, dark laundry can compromise the color of light-colored laundry.
  • When separating lights and darks, take time to remove new items or dark denim. They should be washed separately. Why? Dark denim and new items can bleed through during the wash. In order to keep these items fresh and new looking, wash them inside out.
  • It’s also important to take out fabrics that are delicate or need to be hand washed. They should never go into a normal load of laundry, no matter what color they are. Delicate and fine fabric should be washed separately on a cycle that can wash them more carefully.
  • If you have heavily soiled items, separate those out, as well. Often, these need to be washed on a different setting to ensure proper cleaning. In addition, they may need an extra rinse.

We hope these tips help you get a handle on your laundry. We know how difficult it can be to learn all the rules and follow guidelines to ensure clean well-laundered clothes.

The Best Prices on New and Used Commercial Washer in Greenville, SC

T & L is proud to offer our service to more than just laundromats. That's just the beginning of our options. There are many more industries that can benefit from working with us and the products we offer, including the following:

  • Apartment Facilities
  • Athletic & Fitness Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Fire & Emergency Services
  • Hair Salon & Spa Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Hospitality Facilities
  • Restaurant & Food Service
  • Schools and Education

Consider working with T & L for all your laundry equipment needs, especially if you need a vended dryer or commercial washer in Greenville, SC. We know how important it is to have updated top-of-the-line equipment to work with. In addition, we can offer you more than that. Our goal is to create a partnership between us. We won't sell you equipment and then wish you well. We go above and beyond. From the day you inquire about our services to the day you begin using your new equipment, we will be there for you. Then, in the event of a broken down machine or parts replacement issue, T & L will be there, as well. You won't ever have to feel like you're alone. Call now to learn more about how we can help you with a common laundry room for your apartment complex or hotel.

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