Speed Queen Insights: The Customer Experience

Welcome back! We are here to talk more about a great addition to the Speed Queen vended laundry lineup. Their new Insights system will be great for laundromat owners and users alike. Today we will talk about how this system will benefit customers. If you need to find dependable Speed Queen dealers in North Carolina, look no further than T & L Laundry Equipment. We can help you in all phases of opening and maintaining a laundromat. Call today to get started.

Speed Queen Dealers in North Carolina
Here, you'll find the information found from speedqueencommercial.com about the benefits customers will gain when using Speed Queen Insights:

  • Doing laundry is effortless with the Speed Queen app.
  • A clean design, intuitive functionality, and flexible payment options give your customers the convenience they want.
  • They will be able to pay at the touch of a button with the one thing they never leave home without—their smartphone.
  • Customers can earn rewards by accumulating points.
  • Customers have multiple payment options.
  • All major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Cash (cash can be inserted into the Speed Queen Value Center to load your online wallet) and, as always, they can still pay with coins.
  • The clean, simple and easy-to-use app is available in multiple languages and makes laundry day a breeze.
  • Secure online wallet gives customers confidence their data is safe and protected.
  • On-the-go convenience with access to rewards points, cycle status, and cycle completion.

You'll be able to offer your customers a great way to pay for their laundromat visit, allow them to gain rewards for choosing your business, plus gain benefits for yourself like eliminating changers, credit card readers, and more. Also according to speedqueencommercial.com:

  • Speed Queen app offers an easy-to-use app creates best-in-class retail experience.
  • Speed Queen Rewards increase store loyalty and encourage repeat business.
  • Ability to monitor wash and dry cycles can allow customers to easily check cycle status and time remaining from their smartphone.
  • Customers can run errands and receive a notice when their cycle is finished.

As you can see, this system will be a great addition to your laundromat. Your customers will love the ease and convenience of having an app on their phone that they can pay with and gain rewards for each wash and dry cycle! If you're interested in learning more about this system, check back soon. Our next blog will talk about the business side of things and how it will benefit laundromat owners.

Opening a laundromat is more than just buying washers and dryers. It’s more than putting them in a building and hanging an “open” sign up. There are costs, competitors, and pitfalls. Because of this, those choosing to open a new business deserve to work with the best.

Best Speed Queen Dealers in North Carolina

T & L takes the time to seek what's best for our customers. That means finding a longer warranty for machines, going above and beyond when troubleshooting, repairing and even researching problems that need a fix. We work to save consumers time, effort, and money. Our hands-on approach allows us to provide a turnkey laundromat and to help install, maintain, repair, and teach you to use the equipment. If you’re ready to start a new venture opening a laundromat, contact us.

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