Benefits of Speed Queen Quantum for Multi-Housing Laundry

Speed Queen dealers in GreensboroAre you looking for the latest laundry technology for your military barracks, college or university laundry, or condo and apartment residents? Look no further than the new Speed Queen Quantum technology for your unique laundry needs. Known for their reliability and durability for decades, Speed Queen offers options and controls that can help make your laundry room more energy efficient, hassle-free, and easier to manage. Looking for a reliable Speed Queen dealers in Greensboro, NC? T & L can help you! Call us today for a free quote!

The Quantum Controls System allows you to manage your machines from anywhere you have an internet connection, including your smartphone! Set pricing, get notifications about clogged drains, vend errors, monitor machine use, auto-restarting and more! With more than 30 programmable water settings and tiered pricing, you can encourage users to use less energy by charging less for more energy efficient washes. You win twice with happy residents and lower utility bills.

Users will enjoy the convenience and ease of using the Quantum Controls system.

  • Soil Selection - Allow users to choose the perfect cycle for the soil level of their laundry.
  • Premium Cycle Selection - Up to 27 cycle combinations give your residents the ability to choose the right temperature, water level, and cycle duration to meet their needs.
  • Top-Off Drying Time - Add additional time to the dryer without having to wait for the cycle to complete.
  • Easy to Read Display - With touchpad selection, wash cycle countdown, and a bright LED display, the Quantum system helps keep laundry moving through your laundry room.
  • Real-Time Notifications - Take the hassle out of doing laundry for your residents with text or email notifications when a cycle is complete or the machine of their choice is available.
  • Remote Availability Checks - Easy to navigate website allows residents to check machine availability and remaining cycle times for maximum convenience.

Best Speed Queen Dealers in Greensboro

Installing the Speed Queen Quantum Controls System in your laundry room can help reduce your building's utilities, the hassles of maintenance, monitoring, and ownership. For more information on this advanced product line or to learn about other product offerings from Speed Queen, schedule an appointment with one of T & L Laundry Equipment's sales associates. We can help you understand all the latest features, perform an onsite analysis of your current laundry, and help you find ways to increase your laundry room's revenue!

Let our team help you make 2018 the most profitable year yet!

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