Speed Queen Single Pocket Tumble Dryer Overview

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Single pocket tumble dryers are perfect for a customer-friendly environment. With door heights that make it easy to use, a single pocket tumble dryer can make your laundromat a favorite in the neighborhood.

It takes coins in a design that resists jamming for customer convenience, but you can also include a card payment system that will also increase customer loyalty by allowing them to pay with a credit or debit card instead of cash. If you don’t want the option now, you can add it later.

The Speed Queen Single Pocket Tumble Dryer comes in 25, 30, 35 and 55 lb. capacity so you can choose the best one for your business’ needs. It features the same axial airflow technology of the stacked dryers. In the 55 lb. model, these cylinders are supported at the front and back in order to ensure maximum air utilization and energy savings.

The single pocket tumbler has fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance for your commercial dryer in Charleston, SC, and less wear and tear. It is easy to clean because it has a large lint compartment. The heavy duty door hinges are designed to hold up against constant regular use.

The Speed Queen Single Pocket Tumble Dryer has patented technology that helps prevent damage to the unit from stray objects that are inevitably left in customer’s pockets. The cylinder has oval perforations that allow those items to slip out without damaging the dryer’s sweep sheets.

If you want to go with the 55 lb. model but wonder if it will fit in your store, don’t worry! It can fit through a 36 inch door opening. It’s 10 inches shorter than the 50 lb. unit, so it’s a great replacement for areas that have little space.

All Speed Queen dryers can reduce energy costs because they are equipped with technology that makes them the fastest, most efficient drying process on the market. The high performance burners ignite instantly, quickly giving the needed temperature to dry items, and then distributing the heat evenly and efficiently.

The equipment is built to last through years of use that comes with a high traffic laundromat. They feature an all-belt drive system, so they’re quieter and easier to maintain. The lint screen is self-cleaning. It deposits the lint into a large area that can be cleaned just once a day.

Quantum control features are installed on all Speed Queen products. This advanced technology combines equipment controls and programming into one full-store management system so that you can adjust your cost structure, reduce utilities and increase revenue from wherever you are. Your customer’s experience is enhanced because it has a user-friendly control panel which makes doing laundry easy. The Micro-Display Control (MDC) gives a clear display that keeps customers informed in where they are during the laundry process.

For 100 years, Speed Queen has been the leader in high quality, durable laundry equipment built specifically for commercial use. They are the largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment in the industry.

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