Speed Queen Vended Laundry Maintenance Tips from the Manufacturer, Part Three

used laundry equipment in Greenville, SCWe are back with a few final maintenance tips that will help you keep your Speed Queen dryers in tip-top shape! If you missed our previous blogs, we have more tips in each. Find the link to those at the end of this post! Need to upgrade your used laundry equipment in Greenville, SC? Call T & L today for help.

Make sure you clean the lint screen after each load that is dried. Once a month, wash the lint filter. Each year, take time to remove the lint filter and get rid of any and all buildup. You can use a vacuum cleaner to help you with this.

Each year, make sure the exhaust duct is working properly without any build up of lint. If you see that there are issues with buildup, clean them thoroughly. This should be done at least every two years. Otherwise, the machine may be susceptible to damage.

The outside weather hood will need to be inspected at least once every six months. Make sure that the dampers are not obstructed and that they can be moved easily without problems.

Stack Washers and Dryers

Stack washers and dryers should be maintained similarly to regular washers and dryers. For the washer, make sure you leave the door open for extended periods of time so that the drum can dry. Also, make sure to check the filter screens and hoses to make sure that they are not filled with debris. Do so at least once a year. Check hoses monthly to make sure there are no leaks. Be sure to replace hoses at any point if they show cracks or blisters.

Stack dryers should be completely cleaned once a year. If you need help with this contact our service department. A service technician can assist you. Also be sure clean lint filters before each load of clothes is dried. Make sure the lint filter is clean and clear of debris at the end of every day. Inspect exhaust ducts and outside weather hood for issues.

We hope this information helps you keep your machines clean and clear of issues. These maintenance tips are easy and straightforward. Hopefully, they will help keep damage and major repairs at bay. If you need help with any of these maintenance steps feel free to contact our service technician. We can help.

Used Laundry Equipment in Greenville, SC

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