How to Start a Laundry Business from Home!

Speed Queen Dealers in South CarolinaIf you are looking for a way to make extra income or work from home, an in-home wash, dry, and fold service may be the answer. An in-home laundry service is ideal for those who are retired, stay at home parents, or who are looking to fill the gaps in their income. Taking in laundry requires no special skills and can help you make ends meet. Here's what you need to know to start a wash, dry, fold service in your home. When you are looking to partner with reliable Speed Queen dealers in South Carolina, call T & L for big savings!

Keep Good Records
When you start your own business, it is important to track all of the expenses related to the startup costs as well as all of the day to day expenses and client income. You don't need fancy software to do this accurately. A simple spreadsheet, like Google Sheets, and a free scanner app on your phone are enough to ensure that your expenses are tracked accurately. Scanning in your receipts, payments, and documents helps keep them all in one place. Taking care of the paperwork for your business weekly will let you know just exactly how much you are making and it will ensure that tax time is a breeze.

Set up a Business Checking Account
Keeping your business funds separate from your personal funds helps make it easier at tax time to report expenses and earnings.

Address the Legal Stuff
Licensing and registration requirements vary by state and local government. Establishing how you will be organized and collecting the appropriate amount of sales tax for the county you are located in are crucial.

Determine Pricing and Payment Methods
Knowing how much you'll charge your clients, when and how they will pay, and what services you will offer helps determine the flow of your business. Charging clients by the pound for their laundry is one of the most common methods. Purchase a hanging scale to use to weigh bags of laundry and determine your per pound weight. The average cost for a wash, dry, fold service is between $1.00 and $1.50 per pound. You can also charge your clients by the bag. Providing a durable laundry bag for them to use to haul their laundry back and forth makes it easy for them to get the items to be laundered to you. Heavy duty laundry bags that can be used over and over again can be found on Amazon and labeled with the customer's name. The per bag charge for customers varies between $2.00 and $4.00 depending upon weight.
Paying for laundry service should be as convenient as dropping off and picking up laundry. PayPal makes it easy to accept credit card payments and the service charges you a low 3% transaction fee. Accepting cash and checks can make it a little more difficult to keep track of transactions, but entering everything into your spreadsheet weekly can help eliminate the hassle.

Advertise Your Business
There are lots of free or low-cost ways to advertise your business. Create a simple website with the hours, pricing, and services offered by your business. Share the link to this website on local Facebook pages as well as on neighborhood social media sites like Nextdoor. Connecting with busy neighbors who want to use your service is easy!

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