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Maytag Dealers in Charleston, SCWhile T & L Equipment has been around a long time as your trusted laundry equipment supplier, Vendrite has been around even longer to take care of your soap vending needs. T & L Laundry Equipment is proud to offer an extensive product line up that goes beyond commercial washers and dryers. We have been in the laundry industry for over 40 years and know what it takes to make your laundromat successful.

From the chairs in your facility to the soap vending machines on the wall, we can help you create the type of coin-op that will keep your customers coming back time and time again. However, if your searching for commercial Maytag dealers in Charleston, SC, stop wasting time and call the best Speed Queen and Continental dealers in South Carolina. Call us today at T & L for big savings.

T & L Soap Vendors

When you think of soap vending machines, you are thinking of dispensers from Vendrite that have been around and servicing laundry facilities since 1952. Vendrite is the company to go to as a new laundry facilities operator or as a current one looking for the best option for many reasons.

Not only has Vendrite been around for 60 plus years, they are a member in good standing with the Coin Laundry Association and with the Multi-Housing Laundry Association. This means, whatever your laundry business customer base may be, Vendrite has the machines for you. They focus on complete customer satisfaction. They even offer technical support that is able to help over the phone and ship parts, if needed, same day.

Due to the fact that Vendrite has been around so long, they have been able to build up an inventory and work out any kinks in their system. For your initial vendor machine order you will receive products swiftly - shipped out in under five working days via UPS according to their site. It also means when you are ready to grow, or if there is an instance where your vendor machine is vandalized beyond repair, you will be able to receive you new machines quickly, normally within a week or two.

Not only do they offer traditional soap vendors with different volume retention levels, but you also have choices to do coin or debit payment and extra security features for your vendor to protect from theft. Vision vendors, where customers actually see the product like a vending machine, are also available from Vendrite with different size options to accommodate more than soap, such as snacks, and different payment options, such as coin or debit payment. These machines supply customer convenience items that will add profits to your bottom line. Many items that can be sold through the soap vendors are needed on a repeat basis, which extends your profit per customer every time they visit your facility.

So whether you need a new high efficiency washer from Speed Queen or you're ready to install all new Dexter appliances - T & L Laundry Equipment should be your first call. Our service after the sale is second to none and we offer competitive maintenance plans to help keep all your equipment running reliably and efficiently. Want to know more about our extensive product and service offerings? Give us a call and one of our expert sales staff will be happy to answer all your questions. 

With the many different vendor options to perfectly suit your business and facilities, and their goal of complete customer satisfaction, Vendrite is the obvious choice for new laundry facilities owners. You will be able to choose the vendor with the added features that suits your needs and receive your machines in a quick and timely manner. You will be able to vend right with Vendrite!

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