Technology to Make Laundry Less of a Chore

Commercial washer in Raleigh, NCTechnological advances have been made in every other part of our culture, so why not in laundry? Believe it or not, there are some changes that have been made that can make being a laundromat owner easier while also bringing convenience to your customers.  Laundry is always going to be a chore but, if it can be made easier and faster, it can be more manageable. Let’s take a look at some new advances in laundry. Searching for a new dryer or commercial washer in Raleigh, NC? Call T & L today for great pricing and services.

New Advances in Laundry Equipment Technology

Payment Features
We’ve become a card carrying culture, so it can feel like a chore to round up quarters to do laundry. Now commercial washer and dryers can be outfitted with a card payment system. This will give customers the option of swiping their debit or credit card to pay for a load of laundry rather than digging out a handful of quarters.

There are also options that allow a specific card to be used. Money can be uploaded to it and then it can be used at the facility with no need for cash or bank cards.

Monitoring Systems
Someone who owns a laundromat in an apartment complex or dorm may want to offer their residents the ability to check for machines without having to leave their apartment or room. With monitor systems, someone can download an app on their phone and check in on the laundry facility to see what’s in use and what’s available. They can plan when to go and not lug all that laundry down just to find that all of the units are in use.

The system can also monitor loads as they are being washed. If someone wants to put in a load and head back to their apartment or dorm room, instead of waiting for it to finish, they can keep track of its progress using the same app.

High Tech Amenities
If you own a laundromat in a market with several others, you will need to have amenities that can compete or beat out your competitors. Providing detergent and fabric softener in easy to use dispensers can help out those who forget to bring their own, or just don’t want to carry bottles back and forth from home.

Replacing old equipment with new washers and dryers that have updated interfaces can make it easier for your customers to pick the right cycles for their laundry. If they are more efficient; they can get in and out, giving you a chance to increase clientele.

Even though they aren’t laundry related, there are other amenities you can offer than can make doing laundry more enjoyable. Some laundromats install flat screen TVs to keep their customers entertained. Other install free Wi-Fi so that people can check email, look at social media accounts and even stream movies from their phones and tablets while they do laundry.

Going to the laundromat doesn’t have to make your customers feel like they’re stepping back in time. You can stand out by offering the latest technologies to make doing laundry easier.

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