Things to Consider When Opening a Laundromat Part Two

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There are many things to consider before opening your own laundromat, like who is the best Speed Queen dealers in Charlotte, NC? And you also have leases, water usage and more. You’ll need to do a lot of research before settling into a location and starting your business. One thing is for certain, however, owning your own business can be very beneficial; especially a laundromat. In our previous blog post, we talked about a few of the things that are important to think about in the beginning stages of planning.

Today, we will talk about a few more things. If you have any questions throughout this article, or are searching for Speed Queen dealers in Charlotte, NC, feel free to contact T & L.


Choosing a location might be the most important thing to consider. You’ll want to make sure you choose an area that has many apartment buildings, a college or university, or other housing of residents that do not have washing and drying capabilities in or around their home.

Doing so will offer a very strong customer base, right off. You won’t have to wait until your marketing strategies pay off. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t choose to open a laundromat right down the road from an already established laundromat. Even more, take a look at neighboring business to see how busy they are during the week and on weekends. This will give you a better idea of what to expect for parking, road access and whether or not customers will have something to occupy them while they wait for their laundry to wash and dry.


Buying old equipment that’s been used is risky. While you do have this option, consider purchasing new washers and dryers, instead. You’ll be guaranteed 15 to 20 years for front load washers, 10 years for top load washers and more. New machines that are well maintained and serviced properly could last thirty years.

Other Income

When thinking of a laundromat, what do you imagine? You’ll usually find many people sitting around, waiting on their laundry to wash and dry. They might be hungry, thirsty or need Internet connections to work or play video games.

Consider adding other income sources in the form of vending machines. Soft drinks, snacks and even coffee will be a great addition that will be greatly appreciated by your customers. You could even offer Internet access cards that can be purchased for a small fee. All of these things and more will add to your overall income.

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Consider working with T & L for all your laundry equipment needs. Not only do we offer the best washers and dryers on the market, we also offer engineers, in-house, that will work with you to design your very own laundromat. Our architects have extensive laundromat planning experience, from location scouting to service evaluation and more. Contact us now to start planning and designing your brand new laundromat!

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