Tips for Cleaning FirefightingTurnout Gear

Laundromat Equipment in Greensboro, NCCleaning turnout gear for firefighters is a big job that should be taken seriously. There are regulations set forth by the NFPA that call for specific cleansing techniques. Below, you'll find a few tips that should help you keep your gear clean without any worries about violating regulations. For the best prices on fire department laundromat equipment in Greensboro, NC, be sure to call T & L.

According to NFPA 1851, Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance for Structural Firefighting and Proximity Firefighting Ensembles requires that cleaning and contamination solutions shall have a pH range of not less than 6.0 pH and not greater than 10.5 pH.

Do not use regular bar soap or liquid soap when laundering turnout gear. Only the recommended type of laundry detergent should be used in all cases.

Don't try to hand wash your gear. It's impossible to get all of the soot, stains and dirt out. What's more, this does not adhere to the regulations set forth for turnout gear cleansing. There is a proper way to do this and hand washing is not recommended.

If hand washing is the only possible way to immediately clean your turnout gear, be sure to remove the liner system from the outer shell. You should not ever cleanse the liner system with a hand washing method. If this is the only method you have available at the time, only clean the outer shell. Be sure to launder on a non-abrasive, hard surface. Use a proper detergent and soft bristle brush to help scrub out stains. Use circular motions to clean. Once you've fully washed with proper detergent, rinse the shell with clean water. Make sure all detergent has been removed. If needed rinse three or four times to make sure detergent does not get left behind. This should not replace the requirements for advanced cleaning set forth by the NFPA.

We hope this information helps you better understand how to launder your turnout gear. To learn more tips on how to care for and launder your turnout gear, visit back with other blogs, soon.

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