Tips for Designing Your New Laundromat

Laundromat Equipment in South CarolinaAs more and more entrepreneurs realize that a vended laundry is a great investment opportunity, understanding the ins and outs of the business becomes crucial for their success. Opening your own laundromat is filled with tough choices and excitement. New owners need to find someone they can trust to help them design the layout of their new facility, choose equipment, and understand their customers' needs. Choosing a partner like T & L Laundry Equipment makes transitioning with vended laundromat equipment in South Carolina.

For more than 40 years, T & L has been providing commercial laundries, hospitals, and coin-op laundries with the service and selection they need to get the job done. Whether you need one machine or a whole laundromat full, the professional staff at T & L knows what it takes to design a laundromat that customers will enjoy coming back to time and time again.

A great laundromat starts with a great location. When it comes to choosing the location for your business, consider the following things:

  • Parking - Is there parking near the front door of the building? Your customers don't want to have to haul their laundry baskets across a crowded lot. Choose a location that has plentiful parking and ensure that the parking area is well-lit and easy to see from the building.
  • Windows - Add security for your customers and attract new customers by making sure your facility has plenty of windows. Not only does the natural daylight require you to use less lighting during the day, it also gives your customers peace of mind. Being able to see the parking lot provides a sense of security.
  • Wide Aisles - Having wide aisles between the machines allows customers and carts to move about freely. Unobstructed traffic flow means that loads can be transferred more easily from washers to dryers to folding tables without having to wait for someone else to unload their basket or finish up their tasks.
  • Room to Spread Out - Ensuring that customers have enough room to fold and stack their clothes is crucial. The Coin Laundry Association suggests that you should have as much folding space as you have dryers. If your laundromat has 900 inches of dryers, it should have 900 inches of folding space.
  • Make Payment Easy - Bill changers, ATM, tap to pay, or credit/debit card systems help make paying to do your laundry convenient for your customers. When laying out your laundromat, don't just have one bill changer or just a few machines that take cashless payments. These will cause bottlenecks for your customers and make them less likely to return. Instead, offer multiple locations to change bills and put cashless machines throughout your laundromat.
Dependable Laundromat Equipment in South Carolina

T & L proudly offers onsite evaluations of your laundromat or your facility to help you optimize your location's layout. Considering things like customer flow, seating and machine design not only increase your customer count but improve the ease-of-use and efficiency of your facility for your customers.

Call today and set up your appointment with one of our knowledgeable team members. Find out why T & L Laundry Equipment is the area's leader in customer satisfaction and retention. With more vended laundromat equipment in South Carolina to choose from, superior service and dedication to relationships, your partner in the commercial and vended laundry business should be T & L.

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