Tips for Hotels to Lower Laundry Expenses, Part Three

Commercial Washer in Greensboro, NCReady to learn more about how you can lower laundry expenses within your hotel? If so, you've come to the right place! We are here to offer even more tips, aside from those we've previously featured in past posts! For the best prices on a new hotel dryer or commercial washer in Greensboro, NC, call T & L! We'll save you time and money.

One great way to reduce costs within your hotel laundry services is to implement a three tier bedding system. This means having three sets of linens per bed. The system works by having one set of linens being used during a guest's stay, one set of linens being processed to be used for the next check in and one set resting while the other two are being used. Allowing a set of linens to rest for 24 hours or more is a great way to allow the fibers to relax. This will also lengthen the life of your linens. Overall, you will reduce costs this way, as well.

With a great equipment set up, your laundry room staff can control the work flow process. This is a great procedure to incorporate if one hasn't already been set. This way, you can set standards to ensure that all laundry is being processed in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Being sure to control detergent amounts used on linens is a great way to reduce costs, as well. You can train your housekeeping staff to only use the minimum required in order to process loads of laundry.

We hope these tips help with reducing laundry costs within your hotel. Did you miss our previous blog posts? They offer great tips on how to save money on laundry services, as well. Be sure to visit back with them before moving on. You will want to be sure to do all you can to save time and money!

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