More Tips for Planning a Holiday Food Drive at Your Laundromat

Wascomat Dealers in North CarolinaWelcome back to our continuing series on how to host a holiday food drive at your laundromat. In our previous post, we shared tips on how to make it easy for people to remember what to donate and to drop off the items you're requesting. The holiday season is a great time to ask your customers to help you give back to the community that you serve. More and more families are relying on church food pantries and public food banks to help make their holiday tables full so the need is great.

Here are some more ideas to help you have a holiday food drive at your laundromat. If you tired of searching for Wascomat Dealers in North Carolina, call T & L for Speed Queen and Continental washers and dryers.

  • Host a Raffle: Create a prize package around your services and give away one raffle ticket for every item that is donated. Prizes could include free washes for a year or free wash, dry, and fold service. Don't forget to add in branded items that people will use all year long like laundry bags, reusable shopping bags, and collapsible clothes baskets.
  • Offer a Service: Want to drive up those donation numbers? Ask people to bring in goods to donate and reward them with free dryer time or discounted washes. Give them coupons to use at their convenience.
  • Work with the Recipients: Having a single donation day can be very effective, however staffing such an event can take a lot of manpower. Invite the organization who will be benefiting from your drive to participate in collection efforts. The more people you have collecting goods, thanking donors, and sorting items, the faster and more comfortable the process will be. Use the recipient's social media and newsletter to promote the event.
  • Create an Event: Have you considered hosting a cookout or bake sale as a way to collect donations and get people into your business? Hosting an event as a way to thank donors and receive their goods gets them into your laundromat and makes them feel comfortable in the space. Have tables set up and holiday movies playing to encourage people to stay and socialize.
  • Involve the Whole Family: Create a coloring contest form for the kids and set the turn in dates during your food drive. This will encourage parents and children to stop by to donate to the collection as well as turn in their artwork.
  • Partner with Other Organizations: Many organizations require their members to perform some form of community service each year. Talk with local troops and clubs to see about getting older children involved in collecting or sorting the donations.

Giving back to your community during the holidays is an excellent way to show that you are not just a business owner. Patrons want to support businesses that are active in the community and find ways to give back.

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