Earlier this week, we started a conversation about laundromat etiquette. Laundromats aren't exempt from the unspoken social constructs that are so often present in a place of business. Common sense pleasantries such as waiting your turn and throwing away your trash are still in order, and yet we find that most customers still require a blatant reminder. As such, today we'll discuss 5 more laundromat etiquette tips for fall that apply to customers and owners. But, before we go on, if you missed the first 5 tips, click HERE. 

#4 Laundromat Etiquette: Empty Out the Lint Trap

laundromat etiquette

The lint trap needs to be emptied after every single load, and yet for some reason customers often don't think it's their responsibility. As such, it's often up to the owner of the laundromat to remind their customers to clean out the dryer's lint trap before and after using the machine.

Luckily, signage is already available. Just make sure to post signs throughout your business; and if necessary, you can explain to customers that a dirty lint trap creates a serious fire hazard because  it can make it difficult for the dryer to exhaust hot, moist air. Furthermore, a dirty lint trap cuts down on a dryer's efficiency which reduces the air flow through the vents and can make it so that customers have to run their load several times to get their clothing dry. No customer wants to spend more than they should, especially on laundry, so we find that if a customer ever has issues with emptying the lint trap, this explanation is sufficient.

#7 Laundromat Etiquette: Throw Away Your Trash!

Many laundromats are minimally staffed (if at all). As such, it's important that every customer cleans up after themselves and throws away any trash they accumulate during their visit. This includes fabric softener sheets, lint residue (that they just emptied from the lint trap), empty detergent bottles, etc. Much like any of the other laundromat etiquette tips, you can post a few signs to convey the message, but also make sure that if you own the laundromat, that you place plenty of trash cans throughout the facility. If everyone does their part, the laundromat should stay relatively clean.

#8 Laundromat Etiquette: Return Your Cart

Laundromat carts are often a luxury at the laundromat, because they are so helpful when you're doing large loads. However, they can also create a little bit of clutter when multiple customers leave them in the aisle. While the average person can just move the cart out of the way, a misplaced cart can be problematic for customers with limited mobility. As such, it's important that if you're going to utilize a cart that you also return your cart back to its proper place when you're done.

#9 Laundromat Etiquette: Keep Noise to a Minimum

While the laundromat isn't exactly a library, it's also not necessarily a place in which you should be loud. Doing so definitely breaks one of the top 10 laundromat etiquette rules. Therefore, while you're doing laundry, try not to play loud music or videos. Instead, use headphones. The same applies to loud phone conversations; and if you must bring along your kids, make sure that they aren't too loud either. If everyone maintains a minimal noise level, we find that it makes doing laundry a much more enjoyable experience.

#10 Laundromat Etiquette: Share

Finally, one of the most important laundromat etiquette rules you should always follow is to share. A laundromat is shared space, designed to meet the needs of many people at one time. Therefore, it's unacceptable to take over the entire facility with your stuff (or family). While it may be tempting to stretch out for a nap in the middle of a wash cycle, don't. Share the space and everyone will be much happier.


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