Is a Tunnel Washer Right for Your Business?

Commercial Washer in South CarolinaAre you looking to decrease the demand on the utilities in your commercial laundry? Do you need to increase production without increasing staff? Searching for heavy duty commercial washer in South Carolina? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Continental Girbau Industrial's Continuous Batch Washing System could be the answer. This state of the art system links a loading system, batch tunnel washer, water extraction press, delivery shutters and continuous pass-through batch dryers together to provide you with a highly customizable, efficient clean. The system is able to wash more than 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour and can link with other manufacturers' bag-loading systems and additional equipment.

The staff at T & L Laundry Equipment has more than 40 years of experience in the commercial laundry industry. We have the products, parts, service and in-house financing you're looking for. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to open your first laundromat or a commercial laundry owner who has outgrown your current equipment, let our expert sales team help you choose the right equipment for your facility. We proudly offer complimentary onsite visits to help you select the best configuration for your new equipment.

The GI Continuous Batch Washing System allows you to integrate the components you need to replace or upgrade and continue to use the existing equipment you have in place. By giving you the ultimate in control and ease of use, the Girbau Industrial components make your system run more efficiently and provides bigger energy savings. Adding in GI's Batch Management Tool allows your employees to customize the tunnel system to deliver a high quality completely controlled clean.

The Continuous Batch's loading system is capable of handing laundry loads of up to 110 pounds. Whether you choose an inclined access or a horizontal access, the automatically weighing conveyors move the laundry batches by weight into the batch tunnel washers. Once inside the Batch Tunnel Washer, the loads are met with a quality wash which delivers you complete control over your wash. With flexible controls and energy efficient technology, these washers run quietly, providing a quality wash for any fabric.

A hydraulic driven Wash Extraction Press helps your facility optimize and streamline the ironing and drying processes for your customers' linens. Forming flat based cakes, these presses extract water quickly while treating all types of fabric gently and offers three different positioning options which make adding the Wash Extraction Press to your existing wash configuration simple.

Moving the compressed cakes throughout your high volume facility is left to the Shuttle Lifting Conveyor systems. These conveyors can lift up to two cakes a time, making the transport from extraction to dryer efficient and effortless. With the ability to service up to six open dryers at a time, your per hour efficiency will increase dramatically. Continuous Batch Pass-Through Dryers offer automated dryer unloading without tilting, cake untangling and multiple conditioning and drying settings. Reduce fiber wear on your customers' linens by setting an entirely customizable dryness level with desired temperature control to avoid overheating.

Find The Right Commercial Washer in South Carolina

Need more information on how the Continental Girbau Industrial Continuous Batch Washing System works or the capacities available? One of our highly trained team members would welcome the chance to discuss all the options and features with you about this amazing tunnel wash system. Call or click to send us a message and connect with some of the industry's most trusted experts in the commercial laundry industry today! We can help you find the best commercial washer in South Carolina for your needs.


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