What Is a Tunnel Washing System?

Coin Operated Washers and Dryers in Greensboro, NCDoes your commercial laundry business need the ability to wash and dry multiple loads of towels or linens at one time? Are the utility costs to keep up with the demand for linens by your hotel, gym or restaurant customers becoming unreasonable? Then Continental Girbau has a solution for you. Not only does a tunnel washing system (also known as a continuous batch washing system) save you time, it also saves you money on your utility bills. Continental offers you the ability to wash as much as 110 pounds of laundry to 275 pounds of laundry at one time. Learn more about why using a tunnel washing system in your commercial laundry business helps you deliver the clean your customers demand. If you need a tunnel washer, or other coin operated washers and dryers in Greensboro, NC, please call T & L Laundry!

From the state-of-the-art central control panel, your commercial laundry staff can customize the wash cycle settings and dryer settings for each batch of linens or towels. Continental's easy to read control panel allows you to monitor all processes and cycles of the continuous batch washing systems and see the progression of each color coded load as it progresses through the cycles. Color coding each load helps your staff ensure that customers' requests for water temperature and sanitation needs are being met. This system allows you to wash for multiple clients at one time with complete control.

From start to finish Continental Girbau's tunnel system provides an effective clean that requires very little interaction from your staff, reducing your energy and labor costs. Loading batches by weight, the loading conveyor moves loads into the batch washer. This heavy duty conveyor can be set up in a horizontal or inclined configuration, depending upon your laundry's space considerations.

Once the load has transferred to the batch washer, the wash cycle can be completely customized by operators. This allows your employees to choose the appropriate duration, water temperature and level, chemical injection, mechanical action and more. A clear graphic display shows the operator real-time process data as the load moves through the closed system. Your utility savings begin in this very first step. By utilizing water reclamation at specific points throughout the wash cycle, rinse water is directed to a holding tank where it is used to wash a second load of dirty linens.

Removing water from extremely large loads can be a challenge. The SPR-50 Extraction Press makes short work of even the biggest load. Pressing laundry into round laundry cakes using hydraulic pressure, the SPR-50 extracts the water rapidly and shortens the amount of drying time needed. Reducing your facility's drying times and the amount of damage that occurs to the linens during the extraction process helps keep your costs and your customers' replacement costs down.

The task of moving those large laundry cakes to the auto-loading and unloading dryers is done through a series of lifting conveyors. These belts can transport one or two cakes at a time in up to six different dryers. No more wet laundry backups here!

Whether you choose thermal fluid heat, gas, steam or tumble only for the dryers in your commercial laundry, the ST-100 dryer is capable of drying up to 275 pounds of linens per load. This energy efficient dryer has been engineered to unbind, dry, or condition your loads to your specified settings. Specially designed heating systems move the air through the drum, increasing air movement and shortening drying time.

Coin Operated Washers and Dryers in Greensboro, NC

Need a new tunnel washer? Ready to learn more about how new coin operated washers and dryers in Greensboro, NC can help you cut costs? Contact one of our industry experts at T & L Laundry Equipment. We have the product knowledge you need and more than 40 years of experience with commercial laundry equipment to help ensure you're getting the right machines for your laundry. Set your appointment today!

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