Your Washing Machine Could Burn Your House Down!

Maytag Dealers in South CarolinaEveryone has done it. You toss in a quick load of wash on Saturday morning, round up the family and head out to run errands or go to a soccer game. However, in 2010 the National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA) and the Fire Analysis and Research Division (FAR) issued a report that may make you think twice. Their data provided a frightening look at the dangers that lurk in your laundry room.

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The NFPA and FAR reports provided evidence that setting your washing machine or dryer to run when you are away from home could have potentially devastating consequences. According to their report, more than 16,800 structure fires involved clothing dryers or washing machines. While dryers make up the larger percentage of the cause of fire at 92 percent, washing machines made the list as well. The threat hasn't gone away in recent years. In 2016, appliance giant General Electric (GE) was forced to recall over 200,000 washing machines because of issues that were causing them to catch fire.

Additionally, the NFPA and FAR report tells us that the care and maintenance of our machines and their electrical connections are critical to ensuring continued safe use of these appliances. In dryers, lint and dust topped the list for substances responsible for igniting fires. Clothing that was in the dryer came in second, accounting for 28 percent. Gas fueled dryers and electric dryers are about equal when it comes to their risk of fire. The leading cause of home clothes dryer and washing machine fires was failure to properly clean the unit. In fires that were traced back to the washing machine, 26 percent of those were started by faulty wiring or cable insulation. Other leading causes of washing machine fires were related to the unit's drive belt or appliance housing.

Over 380 injuries were reported as a result of a washing machine or dryer fire in 2010. The study findings translated further into 51 fatalities and over $236 million dollars in property and casualty claims. What do we learn from all this? First, it is important to clean and maintain your washer and dryer. Regularly clean and check the connections to your machines, especially if you wash large or heavy duty loads which cause your machine to vibrate or shift. These movements can damage the connection between your machine and its power cord. These loose connections create the opportunity for your machine to short out and start a fire. Also, keep the area around your machines clear and free from debris and clothing.

These tips apply to your commercial equipment in your laundromat as well. Regular cleaning and maintenance keeps your machines running efficiently and minimizes the risk of fire to your business.

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