Which Washer is the Right Fit for Your Commercial Laundromat Facility?

Now is a great time to invest in new commercial laundromat equipment. The coronavirus has effectively limited the number of people washing clothes at the same time, which means if you have any plans to renovate or upgrade equipment, now is a great time to act. In particular, you may be interested in upgrading or replacing your washers. Since we know that one unit alone can't meet all the needs of the various people who may use your facility, today we'll discuss four different types of commercial laundromat washing equipment that you may be interested in for your laundry facility.

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4 Common Commercial Laundromat Washers

1. Top Loaders

Top loaders have been around for many years and are used in commercial facilities as well as homes. Top-loading washers typically have a drum inside with an agitator that provides the washing action, although the most recent releases of top-loaders are available without the agitator.  Over the years, we've seen a huge wave of interest in front-loading machines, but top loaders are still quite popular and the most widely used for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, top-loading washers have a door on top for easy loading. We typically find that our customers like them because they don't have to bend down to put their laundry in. On the other hand, our vertically challenged customers (short) report that trying to get wet laundry out once the load is complete can be a deterrent. That said, the advantages of being able to stop the cycle to toss in something you forgot, shorter wash cycles, and more capacity for large items such as comforters, washable rugs or sleeping bags outweigh any negative qualities.

2. Front Loaders

Appropriately named, front-loading washers are loaded from the front door and have become increasingly popular in recent years for their ease of use. However, we've found that facility employees find them cumbersome since they require staffers to bend down to put laundry in and out. Still, there are a number of benefits that front-loading washers offer, including that they are incredibly efficient when it comes to water and energy usage. Since the inner basket of a front loader is set horizontally, it does not need to be filled completely with water in order to function. In fact, it only uses about a third of the water that a top-loading machine uses.

3. Washer-Extractors

If you have a larger commercial laundromat facility, you may be interested in a washer-extractor. Washer-extractors are industrial commercial machines that are most commonly used in hotels and healthcare facilities but could be used in customer-facing businesses depending on how large your facility is.

Washer-extractors, sometimes known as a side loader since they have an access door at the end of the cylinder cage, are typically able to extract more water with less energy than standard washers. Once the wash cycle is complete, the load of laundry is transferred to a separate hydro extractor.

The biggest advantage of a washer-extractor is that it's able to provide continuous batch washing.  And, depending on the model, the linens washed in this type of machine can bypass the drying step completely. If you're trying to streamline your business and quickly move linens from wash to ironing (without using a tumble dryer), a washer-extractor may be for you.

4. Continuous Batch Washers (CBW)

If you operate a high volume commercial laundromat facility, then you may be most interested in continuous batch washers or CBW. Also called tunnel washers, these industrial machines can batch process laundry with continuous output from soiled to dry at predetermined intervals. With different compartments to process each step of the laundering cycle, continuous batch washers have the capability of controlling the temperature, chemicals, and dip level in order to customize loads.

You'll find that some CBWs are also washer-extractors, but not all washer-extractors have continuous load capabilities.


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