Why you should use soft mount washers in your laundromat

Soft mount washers in the laundromat provide a way to save on utilities and generate additional business.

The typical hard mount washer spins in extract at less than 100 G-Force to 200 G-Force, depending on model. Higher G-Force models typically require upgraded concrete thickness from the usual 4" to as much as 12".

Soft mount washers for the most part, spin up to 450 G-Force. This slings and wrings out more water from the laundry and results in less drying. Less drying costs less in heat energy and energy needed to operate the dryer. Whether a small load of laundry or a whole years worth of laundry in a laundromat, the savings is real.

This savings has been known about in other industries like hospitality because high speed extract not only saves utilities but saves on replacement of sheets and towels too. Laundry materials last longer when they are dried for less time due to fiber loss through the mechanical action of the dryer / tumbler.

Time is better utilized in places where employees are paid hourly because more laundry can be completed with less time needed for dying. In the laundromat where your customers are doing one of the least liked chores, they get done quicker. The difference is enough for them to notice that they spent less time waiting on drying than in other stores. If you can give your customers 30 minutes back every time they visit your laundry, your laundry will become their favorite laundry.

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