More Reasons Why WiFi Is Crucial to Your Laundromat’s Success

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Are you ready to start offering free WiFi to your customers? If so, congratulations. You're sure to grow your business this way. In our previous blog we talked about a few benefits that come with having free Internet for customers. Today, we are going to talk about a few more!

Comcast Business recently sponsored a survey done by Bredin Research. Within the data collected it was found that free WiFi was just as important as having candy and water to purchase in a laundromat.

The survey also revealed that almost 80 percent of businesses involved in this research  would bring in more clients because of the access as well as make them happier during the time they spend in the laundromat. Even more, over 50 percent of customers are likely to be repeat business due to the ability to use Internet while waiting. 

Below, you 'll find several key benefits of offering free WiFi in your laundromat:

  • A great way to be competitive and set yourself above other businesses in the area.
  • Offers a brand awareness that isn't possible any other way.
  • Keeps customers happy and content while waiting for their laundry.
  • Creates a welcoming atmosphere that shows hospitality towards clients.
  • Helps to sustain growth.
  • Great way to advertise your business. Just let everyone know you have free Internet and watch how well your laundromat is promoted. 

As far as advertising goes, you can also use social media to help you promote your business, as well. Have clients "check-in" when they come to do laundry. Also, you can have users log in to Facebook and "like" your business page in order to access the WiFi.

In addition, offering WiFi is also a way to encourage customer-generated advertising. This perk is likely to create some favorable relationships, and those customers could easily spread the word on social media. That doesn't factor in the instant "like" if you link social media to your WiFi. Many social media sites, like Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, have location features as well. This means a user who posts from your laundromat will have your business name appear on their post.

Offering WiFi to customers is a great way to give back to those that have been helping you succeed and grow. We hope this information encourages you to begin offering free access to the Internet if you haven't already been doing so! For more reasons to offer Internet to customers, visit back with our previous blog post!

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