7 Things to Consider Before Naming Your Commercial Laundromat

We recently discussed 4 Things to consider before opening a new commercial laundromat. One thing we failed to mention in that article is the business name, and yet the name of your commercial laundromat plays an integral part in the marketing of your company. Your business name is a reflection of your image, brand, and position in the marketplace. Because naming any business can be tricky, today we'll discuss X strategies to consider before naming your commercial laundromat.

commercial laundromat name

1. Be Unique when naming your Commercial Laundromat

If you are opening a new commercial laundromat, the last thing you want to do is to get lost in a sea of other laundromats by having similar names. Therefore, it's important to use a unique name that sets your business apart rather than using a generic-sounding name (or name filled with acronyms).

2. Keep it Simple when naming your Commercial Laundromat

While it's important to be unique when naming your commercial laundromat, it's equally important to keep it simple. By that, we mean you should avoid any name that might confuse your customer or make it difficult for your customer to find your business online. That includes avoiding weird spellings and pronunciations or trying to use a slighting different spelling of another local business. Your goal should be for customers to easily find you on Google when they need to know what time the last load goes in.

3. Highlight Your Commercial Laundromat Services

Make sure that your business name reflects the services you offer, particularly if those services go above and beyond the competition. For example, if you're the only commercial laundromat in town that is open 24 hours, you might consider incorporating 24-hour into your business name.

4. Think Beyond the Map when naming your Commercial Laundromat

We find that most commercial laundromats operate within a certain local market. However, that doesn't mean that your business name should be based on your geographic location. For example, if your business is located on Front Street, you might think it would be a good idea to name your business "Front Street Laundry." This approach can be extremely limiting and may prevent you from being able to expand to other areas of town in the future. If you want to market your business within a certain area, focus your marketing dollars on that geographic market rather than incorporating the name of the city or street into your business name.

5. Give Yourself Room to Expand beyond the Commercial Laundromat

Just because you're opening a commercial laundromat today doesn't mean that that's all your business will ever be. Therefore, one thing to consider when you're naming your business is your growth potential. If there's even an ounce of interest in growing beyond laundry services, give yourself a name that provides room for expansion.

6. Do Your Research before Locking in a name for your Commercial Laundromat

Before you settle into a name for your commercial laundromat, make sure you search the web to make sure that your desired name isn't already in use. It's completely possible that the business name you want is already in use somewhere in the United States; and while this doesn't mean that you can't use the name, you should consider the ramifications of still using that name.

Using a business name that is already in use within a 25-mile radius of your new commercial laundromat could cause a couple of problems. For one, it could cost you legal and rebranding fees. More importantly, it could prevent your customers from finding you. Google is a powerful tool, but if you and another business share the same name, your customers may drive to your competition rather than your business.

7. Make sure to Secure the .com domain name

Once you've confirmed that your business name is available, quickly secure the ".com" domain name that would accompany your business. We find that customers tend to associate legitimate businesses with .com domain extensions rather than the alternatives (.net, .org, .com biz, etc). If someone already owns your domain, you can contact the domain owner to see if they're willing to sell the domain. While you're at it, go ahead and create your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube) for that name as well.


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