Monthly Archives: October 2017

Make Sure Your Laundromat Is Using These Types of Signs

Capturing your customers' attention is crucial to driving your business towards success. However, if you've driven through a shopping center lately you know that creating an eye-catching sign or standout storefront can be tricky. Do you hire a guy in a gorilla suit to spin your sign? Maybe you opt for a flashy LED-filled moving signboard?…
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Taking Care of Flood Damaged Clothes at the Laundromat

During hurricane season, flooding can be an issue that many people face. Unfortunately, high water from excessive rain can cause a lot of damage to your home. It can also damage clothing. If you recently had to deal with a hurricane this season, or high water for any reason, consider visiting a local laundromat to help…
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Why Signs Are Important for Your Laundromat

Welcome back to our continuing series on the right signage for your laundromat. In our previous blog, we discussed choosing the right type of signs for the exterior of your laundromat. Every business owner knows that signs have the power to communicate with customers and drive traffic to your business. Did you know that choosing…
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