The Best Laundry Equipment for Dairy Farms

Electrolux Dealers in Greensboro, NCDid you know that dairy farms should use industrial grade washers and dryers? They need to have clean and sanitary towels to help with the milking of cows. Since milking occurs at least once a day, these machines need to be built to last! It's important to remove contaminants from towels and other linens to reduce the risk of bacterial infections such as mastitis. Some of the features that will help with the constant need to have clean towels are automatic chemical injection and high speed extraction. Plus, if you choose soft-mount washers. these machines can be installed without a concrete foundation.

T & L Laundry Equipment knows how important sanitation is to you around your farm. We're not Electrolux dealers in Greensboro, NC. However, our extensive product lineup from Speed Queen has the right capacity and features to ensure that your linens are sanitized and ready for you to use. For more than 40 years T & L has provided our customers with the best price, service, and selection on commercial grade laundry equipment.

Keeping Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) low is important. It reduces the risk of mastitis and production losses. When using a commercial washer, you will be able to keep your towels properly cleaned. This means a healthier herd and fewer bills from the vet for visits and medicine. You could also be rewarded with money incentives for low SCC numbers.

Knowing that your washer can save you time and money has to make you smile. Drying towels can take forever and a day, especially when there are lots of towels in the same load. Using a washer that has a high extraction speed means that more water can be extracted from the towels which cuts down the dry time by as much as 40%. That means your laundry is completed faster and you have used less gas and energy. Another time-saving feature is being able to program your loads. Being able to adjust your cycles based on load and temperature will increase productivity and ensure your towels are being appropriately cleaned.

Finding a location to install commercial grade washer and dryers can be a difficult chore in itself. Luckily there are soft-mount systems. These washers are freestanding and can be installed without the use of bolts or requiring a concrete foundation. The suspension system absorbs vibrations, and the inverter drive system has fewer imbalances as well as a lower noise level.

Automatic chemical injection not only lowers detergent costs and the high frequency of needing to replace towels, but it also brings down the amount of manual labor. When using the auto injection feature, you no longer need to worry about overusing or underusing chemicals. The feature safeguards that the right amount of bleach, detergent, softener and correct water temperature are used. The towels will be reliably clean and ready for use, and you won’t need to worry about bacteria or other contaminants.

One does have the option of outsourcing the dairy’s daily laundry, but overall this is more expensive and could leave you without sanitized and clean towels when you need them.  When towels go out to be laundered, you are no longer in control of the wash cycle, detergent, temperature or handling of the towels. Using your own commercial washer in your location allows you to control these things and removes worry about items being lost or contaminated by outside sources.

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Ready to install your own commercial grade laundry equipment at your farm? Call T & L today and let our professional team help you choose the right equipment for all of your dairy's needs. We're not Electrolux dealers in Greensboro, NC. However, we are the top rated Speed Queen and Continental dealers. Get started with our in-house financing today!

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