On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Whether you run a hotel, long term care facility, restaurant, dog grooming business or many other operations, the pressure is always on the on-premise laundry to keep up with the demands for clean fresh linen. Speed Queen provides a refined, trouble free, laundry equipment solution that often requires no maintenance for years. Site visits to evaluate your needs and provide a quotation are always free of charge. And for challenging replacements, add-ons or new construction, we can help with layout design.

Washer Extractors

Hard mount washer extractors have a rigid steel frame and are the most common washer in commercial on-premise laundry rooms. Secured to concrete floors, these work horses represent the most cost effective option for long term reliable service. These machines are found everywhere from fire stations and veterinarian clinics to hotel/motel laundry rooms.

A solid frame, made from robotic-ally welded boxed steel is the base of stability in the Speed Queen washer extractor providing efficiency and more machine for your money. Compare our frame that weighs around 100 pounds to others that weigh as little as 45.5 pounds or even 33 pounds. Where some machines rust out or crack under the pressure, we use stainless steel and powder coated components. Double triple-lip bearing seals, easy to operate over-sized doors and availability of parts and service anywhere all add to the benefits of owning Speed Queen washer extractors.

Typical features like self-cleaning multi-compartment soap dispensers and automatic chemical supply injection are standard on all models. Available in capacities of 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 pound. All washers have preinstalled cycles and are fully programmable  with viable speed drives and 30 water levels for maximum flexibility and precision for any application. For specifications sheets on each size of washer, click the links below. When calculating the space needed for installation of these machines, allow space behind the washer for maintenance and utility connection. Though circumstances vary, 12" to 18" is usually adequate.

Soft Mount Washer Extractors

Soft mount washer extractors, sometimes referred to as "freestanding" offer a solution for installations where a solid ground level floor is not available or where time and energy efficiency must be maximized. Instead of a ridged frame bolted to a concrete surface, soft mount washers use a heavy duty suspension systems consisting of shocks and springs to dampen the forces exerted during normal wash and spin cycles.

This type of washer allows much higher G-Force extraction speeds which reduce water retention in laundry and therefore shorten dry times for greater utility savings and more available cycles per shift. The "soft" suspension together with an inverter drive also benefits the operator with reduced power usage, lower noise levels and fewer out of balance loads. Available with fully programmable controls in 20, 25, 30, 40, 55, 70, 90, and 125 pound capacity.

Here are the links to the specifications sheets for each size:

Drying Tumblers

Speed Queen single pocket drying tumblers are designed with fewer moving parts for less maintenance and less wear and tear. Lint compartments are large for easy cleaning. Most models allow a reversal of the door for more flexible placement into your laundry room. With over 100 years of experience, not only are our dryers the fastest drying most efficient in the industry but we offer programmable controls, fire suppression systems and auto dry systems that really work which helps with laundry degradation from over drying, fires and loss to employee down time.

Small Capacity tumblers gain efficiency from "axial air flow" where the heated air enters the back of the cylinder, forcing more heated air through the laundry prior to exiting through the exhaust. This is contrary to convention designs where the heated air is directed from the top of the cylinder which by design allows some heated air to go around the cylinder and exit without coming into contact with the laundry. These tumblers are available in 25, 30, 35, and 55 pound capacities and will fit through 36" doorways. through the laundry before exiting. This is contrary to older designs where heated air is blown

More commonly seen in vended laundromats, stacked tumblers are also available from Speed Queen in non-vended formats for applications where floor space is tight but the need for extra drying capacity is not. Available in 30 pound per pocket models for 60 pound total capacity and also 45 pound models for 90 pound total capacity. These also utilize axial air flow and will fit through 36" doorways.

Moving up in size are the 50 and 75 pound capacity single pocket tumblers so common in many commercial laundry rooms from correctional facilities to the hotels because of their enduring simple design, large size and relative ease of installation when compared to larger models. These tumblers use the traditional top down movement of heated air through the cylinder. Because the heat source is at the top of the unit, the overall dimensions of the machine often provide for easy replacement of existing units and another option for tight places. Modern programmable controls, reversing cylinders, fire suppression systems and over dry protection are available on these models.

Speed Queen 120, 170 and 200 lb. capacity tumblers are the volume leaders and go-to tumblers for larger scale operations. Their size and superior drying performance help laundries maximize throughput to meet their daily workload without the need for added shifts or costly overtime. The cylinders of these tumblers deliver the volume necessary to allow even large loads to tumble freely. This encourages better air movement and speeds the drying process. Auto reversing cylinders help eliminate tangles of large items such as sheets and blankets. This ensures pieces are dried evenly and workers can promptly remove loads at cycle completion.

Specification Sheets for Speed Queen Drying Tumblers

Flat-work Finishers

Designed for high volume ironing of "flatwork" items like sheets, pillow cases and table clothes, the continuous feed flat work finisher can be ordered in a variety of configurations in heat type and roller size depending on capacity and material size needs. Often installed in upscale hotels, party rental businesses and other sites demanding the highest quality finished results. Models available with 10", 13"and 20" sized rollers and finished widths of 55" to 126." Clicking on the image opens the attached brochure.

Stacked Washer Extractor / Drying Tumblers

When space is limited in your laundry room but you need larger equipment, Speed Queen has a solution with this stacked hard mount washer extractor and drying tumbler in one unit. Available in 30 pound and 50 pound capacities. More specifically, the 30 pound model has a 30 pound washer with a 30 pound tumbler on top.  Likewise with the 50 pound model, both washer and tumbler are a 50 pound capacity. This configuration of an equally sized tumbler to washer is helped with a 200 G-force capable washer on bottom to spin more water out of the laundry before an easy transfer to the upper tumbler. The clean design is a contribution from the refreshed look of Speed Queen's latest vended equipment which benefits from sleeker fascia panels and improved door hinges for added strength and a wider door swing on the washer.

Clicking on the image opens the attached brochure which has specifications but we invite you to call us at T&L Equipment to see what solution matches your building and needs.

Small Chassis Machines

Speed Queen's commercial top load washers, front load washers, dryers, stacked dryers and stacked washer dryer units are built with heavy components and deliver quality results. These units work well in unique applications where laundry volumes are light and space is tight, such as small veterinary clinics, fast food restaurants, spas and beauty salons. Front load and top load washer options deliver excellent wash results and energy-saving spin speeds, while Speed Queen dryers offer large cylinders to produce fast and energy efficient drying.

The machine on the left is a washer dryer stack unit that features an Energy Star qualified 21.5 lb. capacity front load washer with over sized door, a high-speed extraction of 440 G-force and all steel drive components (pulley, trunion, shaft, tub, outer tub and bearings).

On the right is a stacked dryer with 2 drying pockets available in gas or electric heat and designed to save space while doing twice the work of a regular side by side dryer.

As with their other commercial laundry equipment,  Speed Queen's small chassis equipment is not designed to be short life cycle throw away equipment but equipment that can be serviced and returned to work. Below are link to specification sheets for each piece Speed Queen offers in this category.

Firemen's PPE Drying Cabinet

The correct drying solution for drying fire turnout gear / bunker gear. The Firemen's Drying Cabinet is all electric and works simply by circulating warm air at a safe temperature around and through your washed turnout gear for complete drying in two or three hours rather than a day or two. Using a drying cabinet rather than a tumbler protects expensive turnout gear from the mechanical action, uncontrolled heat and heated surfaces within the tumbler basket. Using a drying cabinet rather than air drying saves time and helps prevent smells and fabric degradation from mildew and other moisture thriving fungi. Five timed preset programs set to the NFPA recommended limit of 105 degrees keep gear safe while available temperature settings from 100 to 150 degrees provide the flexibility to dry other items. Clicking on the image opens the attached specification sheet.

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