More Tips for Designing Your New Laundromat

Laundromat Equipment SCWelcome back to our continuing series on designing your new laundromat. Our previous post offered you things to consider when setting up your laundromat. Selecting convenient payment options and choosing a location for your laundromat that has plenty of parking and windows are important things to consider when designing your laundromat. Those aren't the only things you need to think about though. For the best prices on laundromat equipment SC sales, services, or repair, call the experts at T & L. Here's why!

With more than 40 years of experience, the staff at T & L Laundry Equipment has the industry knowledge you need to be successful in your new entrepreneurial endeavor into the vended laundry business. From selecting the right washers and dryers to choosing the right seating for your customers, the professional staff at T & L will make the process simple and easy to understand. From securing financing for your equipment to conducting onsite visits to plan the layout and configuration of your new machines, the knowledgeable staff at T & L can help.

Here are some more tips for designing your laundromat:

  • Add Plenty of Seating - Comfortable and plentiful seating will make your customers feel at home and encourage them to stay in your facility longer.
  • Varied Sizes - Add various sizes of washers and dryers to accommodate those customers who have extremely large loads or multiple bulky items without forcing customers with smaller loads to use machines that are too big. Giving your customers the ability to use machines that fit their needs will be a great value add.
  • Plentiful Machines - Regardless of how comfortable your seating is or how abundant the parking, if customers have to wait too long for machines at peak times, they will go somewhere else. Also, consider investing in smart machines and technology that let your machines text or notify your customers when they are done. See our previous post for more information on the latest laundromat technology.
  • Offer Add-On Services - Free pick up and delivery for wash and fold customers, a rapid reward program for frequent customers, and small commercial laundry services can be enormous bonuses for your customers. They can also attract businesses to your business which may open up the possibility for some partnership opportunities.
  • Keep It Clean - Designing your laundromat in such a way that it is easy to clean, care for and maintain is crucial. Customers don't want to wash their clothes in dirty machines or fold their things on filthy tables. Ensure that your laundromat layout allows for easy sweeping, mopping and cleaning up throughout the day. Multiple garbage cans will keep the pocket debris and dryer sheets from cluttering up the floor and surfaces. Ask your staff to check and clean machines regularly.

Dependable Laundromat Equipment SC Sales, Service, and Repair

A well-designed laundromat is an environment that customers want to stay in once they get there. No one likes doing laundry, but if you make the experience pleasant for your customers, they will come back, time and time again. Choosing a partner with extensive industry experience like T & L Laundry Equipment helps you ensure the success of your laundromat from the very beginning.

Call and schedule your appointment with one of our vended laundry experts today. Let us show you how to get the most out of your laundromat and how to choose the products and features that your customers want. We have the best selection of laundromat equipment SC has to offer. Find out why T & L customers are the happiest customers in the vended laundry business.

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