Why Having a Website for Your Laundromat Is Important

Electrolux Dealers in South CarolinaDid you know that anywhere from 44 to 52% of small businesses don't have a website? Your customers rely on their smartphones, tablets, social media, and advertisements to find your business. If you don't have a website, many customers will pass your business by without giving it a second look. A recent consumer survey found that 93% of purchase decisions start with a search engine search. Which means that if your laundromat or commercial laundry doesn't have a website, you're only marketing to seven percent of your market. Getting a website up and running for your laundromat is not as tricky as many business owners fear. Here's what you need to know about creating a website for your business. Stop wasting your time looking for Electrolux dealers in South Carolina and call T & L. We'll save you time and money.

Easy to Use
When a customer lands on your website, they should be able to locate the information they are looking for quickly and easily. More than 80% of web searches are done from tablets and mobile devices, so your website needs to be mobile friendly. Buttons should be large enough to be easily tapped, the text should be comfortable to read, and contact information should be easily accessible. Provide your customers with a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to help provide information and answer common questions like hours of operation, monthly specials, and what forms of payment are accepted.

Professional Design
A great website doesn't have to cost you a fortune, but your site does need to look neat and professional. Many consumers won't do business with a business whose website is hard to use or is sloppily pulled together. Studies show that 80% of consumers have a bad opinion of a company that does not have a website. Stick to a clean and easy to use design. Your customers don't need a flashy website, but they do need one that has the right information.

Lasting Investment
Having a well-designed website created for your business is a lasting investment. Once you pay for your site, it continues to work for your company. Unlike newspaper advertising, flyers, or Facebook ads, your website will continue to advertise your business and usually pays for itself within the first year. Work with a web designer who will show you how to update monthly specials, hours of operation, and other critical items on your site that may change from time to time to keep this valuable investment relevant for your customers.

Be sure to join us in our next post for more reasons why having a laundromat website is important.

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