Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs in Laundromats

Maytag Dealers in North CarolinaAre you worried about bed bugs at the laundromat? There are ways to protect yourself from these pests while you use the machines. Keeping bed bugs from getting into your clean clothes and hitchhiking home with you just takes a little common sense. Here are our best tips for avoiding bed bugs at the laundromat. Still searching for reliable Maytag dealers in North Carolina? Make the switch to T & L instead! You'll love our customer oriented commercial laundry services.

Use Heat
Wash and dry your clothes at the highest temperature possible. Bed bugs are temperature sensitive. While some eggs can survive a cold water wash, a tumble through the dryer on high heat can kill both mature bed bugs and their eggs. If you are unable to put your clothing or bedding through a high heat dry cycle, avoid taking your clothing and linens inside your home until they have been exposed to the sun for a few days or put in the freezer. Either extreme will kill bed bugs.

Check for Bed Bugs
When you arrive at the laundromat, avoid setting your clothing on the floor or any surface made from plaster or wood. Bed bugs are less likely to be on a clean and elevated surface. Keep your clothing away from the clothes of others and avoid putting your items in cluttered common areas where bed bugs could hitch a ride on laundry bags. Bed bug proof laundry bags are available. Using these bags can help reduce the chance of bringing home bed bugs from the laundromat even further. Keep your bag zipped until it is time to empty the clothes into the washing machine and zip clothes into a clean bed bug proof bag immediately after drying.

Empty Machines Completely
Before you drop your clothes into a machine, be sure that the person before you didn't leave anything behind, especially dirty clothes. Visually inspect the machines for bed bugs. Emptying the lint trap on the dryer before and after you use it can also help keep bed bugs out of your clothing.

The good news is that, overall, a laundromat is not a particularly hospitable environment for beg bugs. Laundromats are typically well lit, and the cycle of laundering items is hazardous to bed bugs. If you are genuinely concerned about picking up bed bugs at the laundromat, launder your dirty clothes bag with your clothes on a cycle where the water temperature reaches more than 120 degrees. Keep your clean clothes bag in a sealed plastic bag until you are ready to put your freshly laundered clothes in it.

Ensuring that your equipment is functioning correctly in your laundromat can help reduce the risk of bed bugs being able to infest your machines. If the water heater in your laundromat needs to be replaced or your dryers aren't getting as hot as they should be, T & L Laundry Equipment can help. We carry a full line of Speed Queen and Continental commercial laundry products and the latest in water heater technology. Give your customers the hottest wash and dry cycles available while saving your business money on utility costs.

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