More Tips for Cleaning FirefightingTurnout Gear

Speed Queen Dealers in Raleigh, NCWelcome back! We are here to offer more tips for cleaning your turnout gear properly. There are some things you should never do when it comes to cleaning your gear. Below, you'll find out what to avoid. If you missed our previous blog, be sure to visit back with it for even more great tips! If you're looking for the top Speed Queen dealers in Raleigh, NC, be sure to call T & L for big savings.

There are many cleaning compounds available for purchase today. However, it's important to know that cleaning turnout gear only with compounds the manufacturer recommends is key in maintaining gear properly.

Dry cleaning is not recommended for any of the layers of turnout gear. The trim, moisture barrier and other components of the gear will be compromised during the dry cleaning experience.

Never use a normal washing machine that would be found in a home to wash your turnout gear. It could affect the protective qualities of the fabrics that make up the overall system.

Never wash protective gear with any other type of clothing or fabrics. Also, never overload the washing machine.

Refrain from using any type of softeners while laundering protective gear.

Hang drying protective gear in an area with cross ventilation and an air circulating fan is key. Separate layers so that they are lying flat. Separating the layers will help them dry better. Also consider turning them inside out. The thermal barrier, especially, will dry more efficiently this way.

Chlorine bleach should never be used on any of the turnout gear. It's important to stick with this rule because damage to each layer can easily happen upon contact with bleach. One of the primary fibers of turnout gear is Kevlar. This fiber is extremely susceptible to bleach damage.

We hope this information helps you better understand how to launder your turnout gear, even if you don't have a proper washer.To learn more tips on how to care for and launder your turnout gear, visit back with our other blogs, soon.

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