Cleaning Laundry Infested with Bed Bugs

Dexter Dealers in Raleigh, NCWashing and drying your clothes is a cost effective and easy way to eliminate bed bugs from your linens and clothing. Removing bed bugs from your home through the application of insecticides from a professional pest control company and disinfecting your laundry through proper cleaning methods can help ensure that bed bugs don't find places to hide and continue to multiply. Though there is no evidence that bed bugs transmit disease, they do leave behind itchy, irritating bumps. Bed bugs can find their way home with you from a trip or through fabrics that have not been adequately cleaned. Here are some tips on how you can launder clothing and linens with bed bugs to control and eliminate the infestation. If you need an alternative to Dexter dealers in Raleigh, NC, call T & L Laundry Equipment. Ask about our Speed Queen and Continental commercial machines.

If your items are dry clean only, place them in a black plastic bag and leave them in the sun for a few days. Bed bugs are highly susceptible to heat and cannot tolerate this. Dry cleaning by a professional will kill the bed bugs and their eggs, but be sure to leave the clothing sealed in the bag and inform the dry cleaner of the infestation so that it is not spread to others.

Delicate items that are infested can be soaked in a solution of warm water and detergent for several hours and then laundered as normal. Hanging these items to dry in the sun can help to further eliminate the bed bug eggs and adult bed bugs.

Large, bulky items or items that cannot withstand a hot water wash should be placed in a large sealable plastic bag. The items should not be tightly packed together. For this method to be effective, temperatures inside the bag should reach over 120 degrees. Placing the bag in direct sunlight is recommended.

For clothes that can withstand a normal laundering, sort the infested items as you would normally. Place the clothes in disposable sealable bags. Upon arriving at the laundromat, pour the clothing directly into the washing machine from the sealed bag. Reseal the empty bag and fold the seal towards the center of the bag. Put dirty bags inside one clean sealable bag for disposal. Clothing should be washed and dried on the hottest settings allowed by the fabric.

If your clothes do not need to be laundered but you want to kill bed bugs and their eggs, placing infested articles into the dryer on a high heat setting for at least 30 minutes will kill the bugs.

Once your items are clean, store them in sealed bags until you are sure the infestation in your home has been resolved.

Developing an infestation in a properly cleaned and maintained laundromat is unlikely. However, if your washers and dryers aren't producing temperatures above 120 degrees, you and your customers could be facing an infestation problem.

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