Common Laundromat User Mistakes: Too Much Dryer Heat

commercial coin operated laundry equipment in Raleigh, NCA piping hot dryer may sound like the best way to sanitize clothing while getting it dried quickly in the process. However, excessively hot dryers can cause problems. For the best prices on commercial coin operated laundry equipment in Raleigh, NC, call T & L Laundry Equipment today.

  • Many laundromat customers prefer the highest heat setting possible for their drying experience. However, high heat can be bad for certain fabrics. It’s important to check labels to make sure which heat temperatures need to be used during drying. Some fabrics should not be dried on the highest setting. It can cause shrinkage, damage, and other problems with fabrics.
  • In some cases, high heat can actually set wrinkles in instead of getting them out, especially when it comes to synthetic fabrics. Again, check labels to see what temps are required for proper drying.
  • Synthetic fabrics can also melt under high heat. Even though customers want the highest level of heat, it’s often not the best option for their clothing.
  • Though it might seem like hot air is responsible for drying clothing, airflow is often more responsible than heat. As long as the dryer is able to have proper airflow, high heat is not necessary for proper drying or faster drying.
  • Airflow can decrease drying time much more so than the highest heat setting.

Vended laundry equipment distributors can help laundromat owners better understand what is best for their machines. This is especially true when you work with T & L. We are here to help you find the best water level settings, precise soap amounts, and the best dryer heat settings. To talk with our experts, contact us now.

We hope this information helps you with your drying settings. Remember, the highest heat setting isn’t always the best, especially when it comes to synthetic fabrics and minimizing damage.

If you missed our previous blog posts, be sure to check back there for other mistakes that can be made in the laundromat. We talked about why users shouldn’t be inclined to use too much soap or too much water.

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