Even More Holiday Marketing Tips

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In our final installment of our holiday marketing tips series, we will be looking at the importance of spacing promotions throughout the holiday season and why stacking a promotion can lead to big sales during this bustling season. The experienced staff at T & L Laundry Equipment, the number one Speed Queen dealers in Greensboro, NC, is always ready to answer your questions. From new Speed Queen and Continental equipment to bill changers and folding tables - our over forty years of knowledge is at your disposal. When it comes to running a coin-op business, we are your source for knowledge, competitive pricing and even in-house financing. Give us a call today and put our experience to work for you.

Researchers estimate that 40 percent of consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween. The majority of businesses do between 20-40% of their annual sales in the last two months of the calendar year. Plan for success by implementing a holiday marketing plan.

While everyone knows the large holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, take the time to focus on the minor or silly holidays, or even make up your own. National Laundry Day is said to take place in April, but there is no reason not to move it to November or December to work for your business. Creating your own holiday allows you to offer a sale or discount or even have a celebration to draw in customers. Take some time online to review any other minor holidays you could use to your advantage. Be sure when sharing calendars with holiday hours to put these holidays up so customers know to expect them!

Make sure you allow enough time to plan and execute your marketing plan. If you don’t leave enough time to actually share and properly execute a promotion, it will go unnoticed by customers. You want to be able to advertise on your website and social media platforms, through emails, banners, and any other promotional items to truly drive the promotion home to your patrons. It takes time to design banners, get photos, place ads and everything else you need to do. Don’t rush planning a promotion or risk having it be underwhelming.

The holidays are known in the retail world as a time of major discounts and sales. No one can tell you what sort of discount or sale to offer to your customers; you have to do what makes sense for your business. If offering a large discount doesn’t make sense for your business, consider offering something free, buy one get one free deals or services, or even throwing in free samples or products. Stacking promotions is a great way to boost sales and make customers feel great about your business. Have one coupon that overlaps another for just a short period of time - maybe 3 or 4 days. This will allow customers to save even more and can drive traffic to your business. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to leave space between promotions and offers. If not enough space is left between promotions, customers will feel exhausted by the constant offers. They will also eventually learn to wait for some sort of promotion to be in place to try and save money. Offering too many promotions can also be taxing on your revenue.

Customers love to save money, especially during the holiday season. This is a great time for your business to use some of our tips to boost your bottom line. When you're ready to put all those profits to work - call T & L and ask how we can save you money every month with our high efficiency machines!

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