More Laundromat Etiquette Tips

As we continue our series on etiquette at the laundromat, we turn our attention from the washing process to the drying process. While no one really enjoys going to the laundromat, the time you spend there can be made more pleasant by adhering to some commonsense rules about what you should and shouldn't do while you're washing and drying. See our previous post for tips on starting your washing machine, sorting your clothes, and what to do with the debris that is left in the bottom of your basket after you've loaded up the washing machine. Here are some etiquette tips for drying your clothes at the laundromat. For the best prices on commercial coin operated laundry equipment in Greenville, SC, call T & L to save time and money!

Be attentive to your dryers. The washing process is one time when it is okay to put your clothes in and leave. However, the drying process takes longer and is prolonged by people who don't keep an eye on their clothes. Some items dry faster than others. Removing items that are dry and starting your dryer again helps shorten your drying time and the time that the person behind you will spend waiting. If you must leave, be sure to set a timer on your phone so you will know when your machine has finished.

Don't dirty the folding tables. The folding tables are where people go to fold their clean laundry. No one wants to put their clean clothes on a table where you just sorted your dirty clothes or left your pocket lint and used up dryer sheets. Pick up after yourself and set your dirty laundry in the basket on the floor in front of the machine that you want to use.

A word about dryer sheets. If you love using dryer sheets in your laundry, please be courteous to the attendants and to the next person to use the dryer and take them out of the machine. When you take them out of the machine, be sure they make it into the trash can. When these sheets end up on the floor, they become very slippery and can cause other patrons to fall.

Don't fold at the dryer. When your drying time is up, take your clothes out of the machine and put them in a basket. Take them to the tables and fold them there. Don't hold up someone else's laundry so you can leisurely stand at the machine and fold yours.

Clean the machine. When you have pulled all your clothes out of the dryer, check the drum for pocket change, tubes of lip gloss, money or other debris that may have come from your pockets. No one wants to put their clean clothes in a dryer drum that's littered with your junk.

Being aware of and avoiding these small inconveniences that your behavior can cause can help make your experience at the laundromat a pleasant one.

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